Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Spooky Past

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Friendly PSA: AOC is not just a “Latinx bartender from the Bronx with no political experience” but actually an establishment opp with a spooky past who was put where she is to subvert America’s growing Leftist movement. THREAD.

“Sandy” Ocasio went to Boston U (which costs $55,000/year) and graduated cum laude with a double-major in international relations & economics (a path that many CIA folks have taken before her). Oh, she also interned for Senator Ted Kennedy – like all political outsiders do

As an undergrad, AOC “studied abroad” in Niger to volunteer with women’s health (trying to get them to have less kids, Bill Gates shit). You can find blogs she wrote there (if you dig a bit) but here’s a video she filmed on her trip 👀

Her trip to Niger was through the Niamey International Development program, which is funded by USAID (a known CIA front). And whaddya know, shortly after she left Niger, there was a Western-backed coup that overthrew Niger’s government 😅

After BU, she started a very ambitious career (that she never talks about) with the help of 2 Israeli tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. She founded a book publishing company while also working as Lead Educational Strategist at GAGEis Inc. Just bartender stuff !

Whomst among us hasn’t lobbied to double tax breaks for start-ups back when we were young and dumb before becoming socialist revolutionary leaders? Probably why she had to become a bartender – damn taxes! 😤😂

Ummmm just because someone had a photo-op with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in 2012 doesn’t mean they can’t identify as a “anti-establishment political outsider” in 2018 ! Please check your privilege chile 😏

And damn, how lucky was Netflix when they decided to make a documentary about “political outsider” candidates in 2018 that followed AOC’s grassroots campaign and unprecedented political upset (directed by a Yale alum ☠️👀) 😮😅

What’s that? AOC doesn’t mind someone with the “life experience” of being a CIA agent becoming a politician? As long as their “story” is good? Lol… interesting… 😅

No wonder she ended up giving a lot of money that she raised from socialists and her stans to fellow Democrats with military or intelligence backgrounds. They all must’ve all had really inspiring stories!

Pleading face

Remember all the bullshit she pulled during Bernie’s campaign? Taking forever to endorse him… speaking out against “toxic Bernie Bros” and condemning his Joe Rogan interview? Etc etc. Well, mission accomplished 😎

Remember when conservatives tried to do a “gotcha” on her with this dancing video? Pretty weird how that’s the only oppo they could find on her, and none of this spook shit that I’m posting. Because the AOC psyop is such a gift to both “sides” (of the same empire).

“But there’s no way AOC is an establishment plant! What about all her feisty drama with Nancy Pelosi?” Ah yes, Pelosi, the politician who has never used performative theatrics before 🎭

AOC’s “radical” Green New Deal seems pretty sus after she attended the Met Gala with a Bronfman worth $100 million who’s a green tech entrepreneur. No wonder he’s cool with getting taxed! He’ll get all that money back in gov’t contracts thru AOC’s revolutionary plan!

This is all to say that AOC isn’t “stupid.” All this shit is calculated and she’s brilliantly accomplishing her assignment of wrecking the movement that Bernie started. She’s an easy punching bag for conservatives and great at dividing the “left” with her shenanigans.

A.O.C. = AlwaysBeen OnThePayrollOf CIA

NEW RULE: anyone who protests with bongos is definitely a deep state opp assigned to delegitimize whatever cause they’re bongo-ing for.

Here’s the lady who ran AOC’s Niger program and presumably mentored (+ recruited?) her… Now a Federalist Society goon 😭 Definitely a spook.

Ah and who can forget that the whole way AOC’s campaign started was because her brother unknowingly recommended her to a casting call for new Democratic politicians from an org founded by a Harvard alum and Silicon Valley dude 🎭


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Historic Win and the Future of the Democratic Party
Come November, Ocasio-Cortez is almost certain to become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. Will her democratic-socialist identity push the Party to the left?

She really showed her cards with Cuba and Bolivia, didn’t she?

Also :

ATTN: Libs & leftist cosplayers triggered by AOCIA + Trumpers who think it’s a QAnon proof or whatever: Calm down 😎 Trump was an opp too – The Empire realized that no one was buying “Hope/Change – Girlboss Reboot” so they called in a clown to keep Bernie out

Maybe we’ll do another another thread about it later, but you can start with this article (from a trusted news source 😇) about the Dems actively trying to make Trump the GOP nominee and then use your imagination from there :


They Always Wanted Trump
Inside Team Clinton’s year-long struggle to find a strategy against the opponent they were most eager to face.

The only “Russian influence” on 2016 was the American Empire getting inspo from Putin’s creative director Vladislav Surkov and bringing non-linear warfare stateside – Here’s an Adam Curtis clip on Surkov (he comes in at 1:20ish)

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