Epstein’s Vast Network of Influence in International and Public Policy

DEFENCE & GEO-POLITICS / Monday, December 13th, 2021

From the Free Press Report

In part one of Epstein’s vast network of influence we listed major players in the business and finance world that Epstein has connections to. You can view part one here. Part two will go over Epstein’s connections of influence in the international and public policy. In part three we will wrap up Epstein’s connections in the fashion, media and entertainment industry.

Today we are going over Epstein’s connections in the international and public policy space.

Pope John Paul II

Epstein and Maxwell met with the pope after flying into Italy on the Lolita Express Circa 2003. Epstein had a photo of himself and The Pope at his Palm Beach home, along with a photo of himself with Fidel Castro.

Amir Dossal, Board Member of Humpty Dumpty Institiute (alongside Mark Epstein), TerraMar and Global Partnerships Forum (Working with UN Covid-19 Response)

Amir was a board member of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Ocean Conservation Charity “TerraMar”. “Amir Dossal is a 25-year veteran of the United Nations, and served as Executive Director of the UN Office for Partnerships until September 2010, which he established in 1998 to manage the $1 billion gift by media mogul (CNN) Ted Turner.”

Amir seen pictured here with Ghislaine Maxwell. According to InnerCityPress, Dossal was responsible for welcoming TerraMar, Maxwell’s ocean conservation charity to the United Nations. Maxwell is seen presenting to the United Nations here.

Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s brother, Real Estate Mogul, Member of United Nation’s Humpty Dumpty Institute

Mark Epstein is implicated in the crimes of Jeffrey and seems to have operated within the same model-based sex trafficking network that his brother, Donald Trump, Lex Wexner and John Casablanca (among others) participated in.

The Humpty Dumpty Institute states their goal as: “To inform and foster dialogue amongst critical stakeholders on key global issues.”

Mark Epstein also made sizable donations and loans to several prominent nonprofits. A tax filing from the Humpty Dumpty Institute, where Epstein sits on the board of directors, shows Epstein loaned the international charity at least $100,000 in 2014. Three years earlier, he loaned $75,000 to Exit Art, a nonprofit cultural center where he was also a board member.

Mark Epstein also appears to have tried his hand in the modeling industry, around the same time his brother allegedly donated $1 million to Brunel’s Mc2. Business records show Mark Epstein formed his own agency, Saint Model and Talent, in December 2005. The business has no website or social media presence, and it is unclear if it ever signed a model. But one former tenant of Epstein’s says he remembers it well.

David Rockefeller, Oil Heir, Financier, former Member of Rockefeller Foundation, Trilateral Commision, former Chairman and Chief Executive of Chase Manhattan Corporation

Present in Epstein’s black book. Jefferey Epstein served on the board of the Rockefeller Foundation. Rockefeller and Epstein both served on the Trilateral Commission.

Henry Kissinger, Chairman of Kissinger Associates, Financier, former Secretary of State, former member of Trilateral Commision

Kissinger is present in Epstein’s black book. Kissinger served on the Trilateral Commission with Epstein, as this dossier confirms.

David Koch, Billionaire Political Donor and Financeer, President of Koch Engineering starting 1979, and Co-owner of Koch Industries starting 1983

Koch is present in Epstein’s black book. Epstein was seen with Trump Campaign advisors at David and his wife Linda Koch’s house.

Bill Gates, Co-Chairman of Gates Foundation, Board of Berkshire Hathaway, CEO of Cascade Investments, former CEO of Microsoft, Funder of WHO

Gates continued to meet with Epstein after his prison sentence ended. Bill Gates flew on Epstein’s jet, the “Lolita Express” with Epstein in 2013, five years after Jeffrey was legally designated a child sex offender and child sex trafficker.

Bill gates has a history of inappropriate sexual behavior and harassment. As does his managing partner at Cascade Investments (Gates’ Family Invesment Office): Michael Larson.

Howard Lutnick CEO of Wall Street Trading Firm Cantor Fitzgerald

Epstein’s neighbor in NYC. Lutnick’s house was used for a Clinton campaign fundraiser in 2015 and a Trump campaign fundraiser in 2016.

Alan Dershowitz, lawyer, Harvard professor

Seen in the black book.

“Mr. Dershowitz’s misconduct, and his lies about it, are documented in sworn affidavits, sworn depositions, and contemporaneous documents,” Boies said. “I can understand why Mr. Dershowitz wants to distract attention from the facts by talking about me.” – Attorney for Virginia Guiffre – David Boeis

Robert Trivers, Rutgers Professor of Biology

Mr. Trivers specializes in the research of evolutionary biology. He is seen here with Epstein leaning on his right shoulder laughing.

Trivers defended Epstein and attempted to minimize the seriousness of child sex abuse following Epstein’s prison stay ended in 2009.

Like Krauss, Trivers spoke up for Epstein after his release from jail. He told Reuters that Epstein was a man of integrity who had served time for his crime.

“Did he get an easy deal? Did he buy himself a light sentence? Well, yes, probably, compared to what you or I would get, but he did get locked up,” Trivers said, adding that girls matured earlier today than they once did. “By the time they’re 14 or 15, they’re like grown women were 60 years ago, so I don’t see these acts as so heinous.”

John Brockman, Literary agent and author specializing in scientific literature, Founder of the Edge Foundation

Brockman introduced Epstein to several of his wealthier friends even after he was a registered sex offender.

Marvin Minksy, MIT Professor

Minsky is present in Epstein’s black book.

Minsky is directly named in unsealed Virgin Islands court documents charging Epstein’s estate with running the child sex trafficking operation.

Steven Pinker, Harvard Professor

Pinker is present in Epstein’s Flight Log. In Virginia Giuffre’s memoir she mentions Epstein arranging a meeting with a “quirky little man with white hair and a mad scientist look about him” named Steven.

Seth Lloyd, MIT Professor

MIT received over $800,000 from Epstein’s Foundations. Lloyd personally received $300,000 from Epstein, a payment he reportedly attempted to hide.

Martin Nowak, Harvard Biologist

Martin Nowak is a Harvard Biologist specializing in evolutionary biology and was seen photographed with Epstein on several occasions. Nowak continued to fraternize and accept funding from Epstein even after his sex offender/trafficking conviction in 2008.

Darren Indyke, Founder of Birch Lane law firm: Epstein’s Lawyer, named executor of Epstein’s will

Seen in the black book. The Justice Department of the Virgin Islands has a number of active lawsuits against Indyke, Kahn and Epstein’s estate.

Richard Kahn Lawyer, Epstein “Henchman”

Named as a co-executor of Epstein’s will. Richard Kahn played a vital role in Epstein’s human trafficking operation. Specifics of one such lawsuit filed against Kahn, Indyke pertaining to their involvement with Epstein’s crimes.

Boris Nikolic, Biotech Venture Capitalist and Former Science Adviser to Bill Gates; named executor of Epstein’s will

Nikolic was named by Epstein as a backup executor for his will, in which he put assets valued at $578 million into a trust just two days before his death.

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