Make Your Own Agenda 2030 : Notes on Strategy

FREEDOM, Indian Liberty Report / Wednesday, April 7th, 2021

In case you haven’t read it yet, please see our first post on ‘Winning the War : Make Your Own Agenda 2030

As we promised in that post, we have been busy doing our thing. Our subscriber counts have gone up, so have our pageviews, and some folks have started ‘getting it’.

This post is a collection of notes on approaches to defeating the Bureaucrats.

Warning : If you are a beginner to the theory and practice of libertarianism/classical libralism, you will not understand where this is coming from, and draw the wrong conclusions. You probably need to read the rest of this site before even reading this.

We strongly believe in the “don’t hurt other people and don’t take their stuff” approach. This writing is about dealing with those (including the government) who don’t agree about this simple idea.

“”If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.” – Satoshi Nakamoto

1. The Necessity of a Radical Approach

Firstly, nothing is going to happen without putting your neck on the line.

Here are some prophetic words by Judge Napolitano in 2014 (full video) :

It is becoming increasingly obvious that this would be the only way to avoid being forced to take a vaccine you don’t want to take, or to avoid having to surrender your gold / bitcoin to the government, or very simply, avoid being crushed by the latest outrage mob knocking at your door over a joke you cracked.

2. The Critical Mass

You are never going to gather a majority to go along with you. Get that idea out of your head.

You are going to rely on being the intolerant minority that gets things done.

Most revolutions involve a very small percentage of the population (3% for the American Revolution of 1776).

This means a few things going forward :

  • You have no use for ‘normies’ in the present situation – you want to ally with people who are willing to risk it to fight what’s coming;
  • You want to double down on your craziness when you are challenged, and not try to reason with these normies.

Example :

“Oh if we leave everything to the people the country will be run by warlords !

– Good, so be it !”

Secondly, as attacks are the best form of defense, you want to think of some agressive strategies. It will not be enough to sit back and let them come for you. This we leave to your imagination.

Thirdly, you want to focus on building a tiny, but determined group of dissidents.

Again, you don’t need the majority to agree with you. All you need is a critical mass which will make the bureaucrats’ plans unworkable.

Fourthly, nothing prevents you from forming alliances with other groups willing to risk it on specific issues (for example, the lefties willing to fight to undermine Aadhaar).

Finally, keep the propaganda going, if only to attract other people willing to risk it and join you.

3. Collapsology and Accelerationism

As usual, do your own research on these topics. To us, these words mean two things :

  1. The present system is going down anyway, so might as well prepare for it ;
  2. It might be a better idea to accelerate the downfall than to try to ‘save the furniture’.

A few good pointers to go this way :

  • Listen to these appearances by a certain Aaron on this podcast

How It Would Work in Practice

Adopting Collapsology and Accelarationism would mean that you attempt to amplify, not subdue, the divorce between the various factions of society : let the Hindutva gang go even more crazy, let the farmers take over another Red Fort, let the government come down even harder, let the leftists fight even harder with the Hindutva gang.

Is this a good idea ? We leave that to you do decide.

4. Fight Religion (Sanatan Corona, Climate Change) With Religion

Covid, like climate change, has now become a religion.

Nobody is interested in finding out whether masks, social distancing or lockdowns really work. Few are even interested in understanding whether the vaccine is safe or effective.

This, therefore, is a religious war. And the only way you are going to counter this religion is with “religious” arguments.

They don’t want to hear your reasons. It would be better to joke (or maybe say seriously) make it clear that your religion requires you to fight fire with fire.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this