Simple, Yes/No questions about “Climate Change”

CULTURE, FREEDOM, Indian Liberty Report, MONEY / Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

We understand that some of our readers are not convinced of the articles here on the so-called climate change problem.

In this article, we are asking a few simple Yes/No questions which you can research yourself, to make up your own mind. Finally, nothing is more characteristic of a free society than the ability of its members to question and debate.

We have our own hunch on some of these questions, but in the spirit of fairness, we leave it to you to find out more about these subjects. Enjoy the rabbit hole.

The Science

  1. Have there been instances in the Earth’s history when temperatures increased before CO2 levels increased ? Yes / No
  2. Was the medieval period warmer than the present times? Yes / No
  3. Is the IPCC’s data reliable? Yes /No
  4. Have any of the IPCC’s dire predictions become reality? Yes / No
  5. Are extreme weather events related to climate change? Yes / No
  6. Does the IPCC study natural causes and solar activity to determine their effects on the climate ? Yes / No
  7. Does water vapor, the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, also cause global warming ? Yes / No

The Politics

  1. Is it true, as the media claims, that over 95 % of all scientists agree that global warming is man-made and dangerous ? Yes / No
  2. Is it true that scientists who dared to dissent have been persecuted in their careers? Yes / No
  3. Is it true that government-funded global warming research has had a bigger budget than all independent research combined? Yes / No

The Solutions

  1. Are batteries, solar cells, wind mills and other “green” energies more carbon efficient than directly burning carbon based fuels (if we take into account the carbon used to produce and maintain these green energy systems) ? Yes / No
  2. Are environmentalists willing to promote nuclear energy to replace carbon ? Yes / No
  3. Do environmentalists agree that their proposed solutions will lead to energy scarcity? Yes / No
  4. Is the level of our material well-being directly proportional to the amount of energy we consume? Yes / No
  5. Do the solutions proposed by green groups increase individual liberty and reduce the power of the State in our everyday lives? Yes / No

We would love to hear your thoughts on this