Tom Woods versus the Experts

CULTURE, FREEDOM / Saturday, April 10th, 2021

From the Tom Woods Newsletter (including his plug for what is indeed a fantastic homeschooling and self-schooling curriculum)

For a year now, I have chronicled the lunacy of what we laughingly call our public health establishment — the crazy, fact-free narrative, the rules that make no sense, and the repeated cases of the so-called experts scratching their heads when people ignore them and do just fine.

Related to this, toward the end of my recent interview on the Tom Woods Show with Saifedean Ammous I made an observation worth thinking about.

Isn’t it odd, I said. The same people who are going to urge us to follow “public health guidelines” that haven’t done a lick of good are also urging us to shun Bitcoin and stick with the U.S. dollar.

Bitcoin and lockdowns are completely different issues, yet virtually everyone who takes one of these positions also takes the other.

What’s the link?

It’s this:

They believe in a society run by alleged experts. We are the peons, and they are our wise superiors.

The experts must manage our money just as much as they must manage “public health” — and scores of other things.

And we stupid rubes are to be grateful to be ruled.

It’s no coincidence, either, that so much of our ruling class embraced Keynesian economics, which is predicated on the idea that the market economy tends naturally toward unemployment or underemployment of resources, including labor, unless it is directed by wise intellectuals.

The breeding ground for these fools who think themselves qualified to override our own decisions is the modern university system.

In a recent appearance on Michael Malice’s show, Dave Smith said of Jordan Peterson that at first you think: good for this guy, standing up to unremitting insanity.

And then you think: why is it only one guy?

All right, it’s not one. It’s 12. But still.

The universities are a horror show, and probably cannot be salvaged.

Things weren’t as bad as they are now when I was in school, but they were still bad.

After nine years spent between two elite educational institutions, I realized that if I was going to learn — really learn — I would have to do much of the work on my own, reading books no professor would ever assign.

There is nothing I can do about the history and economics departments at our elite universities, or indeed at any university.

What I can do: create my own dashboard university, with extremely qualified faculty, but with this difference: none of the usual propaganda.

So that’s what I did, and Liberty Classroom was born.

From our humble beginnings in 2012 we now have nearly 30 courses you can consume anytime you want, from anywhere in the world, taught by me or by people I trust, and which convey the history and economics you weren’t taught in school.

Be that smart guy no one dares trifle with.

In honor of our ninth anniversary, the master (lifetime) membership is 50% off — a deal I haven’t offered in a very long time.

Use coupon code NINE (all caps) at checkout.

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