An Inconvenient Success Story Part 2 : India’s Covid Response – Enemies Foreign and Domestic

DEFENCE & GEO-POLITICS, POLITICS / Tuesday, August 16th, 2022

By Pierre Kory (Part 3 of his UP series)

In Part 1 and Part 2, I laid out the structure, function, and escalation of Uttar Pradesh’s (UP) “Test, Track, and Treat”(TTT) Program, which achieved what was essentially a zero infection rate across the state by September of 2021. In this post, I present what was happening at the Federal level in India during the time that UP was eradicating COVID.

India’s Federal COVID Response

Although I will denounce some aspects of corruption by the Federal Health Agencies in India by the end of this post, I have to give the “Indian Feds” credit for having started out on the right foot in early 2020. They, like UP, started with a goal of trying to protect the country’s population by investigating the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in prevention and treatment for COVID.

Already by March of 2020, the Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), an advisory of leading medical centers and central government hospitals, issued a recommendation for the use of HCQ in prevention for Health Care Workers (HCW) across the country. Further, the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) even suggested its use in treatment while also indicating that ivermectin could be used as an alternative! Check it out:

Can Ivermectin be used for COVID patients?
Ivermectin has been found to be a potent inhibitor of SARS CoV2 replication in vitro, but the doses required to achieve this effect in vivo far exceeds the usual dose. It is currently not recommended in the national guidelines but can be used in patients in whom HCQ is contraindicated (September 2020. AIIMSeICUsFAQs01SEP.pdf)

What isn’t funny is how they arrived at that suggestion despite including one of the more famous disinformation narratives against ivermectin that circled the globe, you know the one about how effective concentrations would be unobtainable in humans. Paul Marik, Andrew Hill, and I presented data from Caly and Wagstaff of Monash University which debunked that narrative in January 2021 to the NIH treatment Guidelines Panel. Apparently they never saw fit to share it with the world.

Contrast India’s bold moves above with what the United States of Pharma (USOP) was doing in response to COVID. The US Feds very quickly started pulling some of their first blatantly corrupt moves, likely sparked by the fear of the consequences of the world’s second most populated country deciding to deploy, gasp.. generic, repurposed drugs to combat the pandemic.

In retrospect, Fauci’s actions are horrifying (again, he effectively controls the FDA, CDC, and NIH). One week later, on March 28, 2020, the CDC issued a Health Advisory warning of the dangers of HCQ use (they employed this identical disinformation tactic 18 months later against ivermectin). Then two weeks after that, the CDC went further and removed their prior “soft” recommendation for HCQ with the statement: “there are no drugs or other therapeutics approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to prevent or treat COVID-19.”

It should go without saying to readers of my Substack that the PFDA (remember, the P is not a typo) does not guide the practice of medicine, a sleight of hand trick the CDC uses often. There is no requirement for the PFDA to “approve” any medicine for use in COVID that has already been granted PFDA approval previously for another condition. Well, at least that was the rule until HCQ and IVM came along threatening Big Pharma’s entire vaccine and therapeutics market for COVID. The bulletins above then influenced all the Medical Associations, Medical Boards, and Pharmacy Boards into scaring physicians and pharmacists across the land into stopping prescribing and/or filling two of the world’s safest medications. Fortunately, in the past months, many states of the USOP have fought back against Fauci’s Federal Health Agencies, so much so that 42 of 50 states have either active, pending, or passed legislation protecting physicians and pharmacists to talk about and/or prescribe and fill repurposed medications to treat COVID.

The USOP did not stop there. The CDC’s criminal actions were followed a week later by the PFDA posting this bulletin cautioning against use “outside of the hospital setting.” This move was historic to me personally, because it was the first time in the pandemic that I was shocked by the supposed idiocy of U.S. federal therapeutics policy. I thought, “man are they being stupid, anyone knows that if an antiviral is going to work, it has to be given within the first days of illness. Why would they restrict it to the hospital’s hyper-inflammatory phase, where live virus is present in so few?”

It didn’t take me too long to realize that their policies were, rather than “stupid,” instead wickedly malevolent in clearing the new, global marketplace for their wares. It was the direct cause of the ensuing humanitarian catastrophe. We now know that had they gone “all in” on early treatment like UP, many hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved in the U.S. alone and it would have prevented them from pulling off the devastatingly lethal vaccine fraud.

These nonsensical and corrupt federal policy pronouncements were then followed by what I would learn in time to be the standard pattern of Big Pharma Disinformation campaigns. Major media articles and medical journal publications began to appear, cautioning and/or attacking decisions like India’s. Here is one in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. These “cautioning” types of articles, trying to dissuade the empirical use of safe, promising, repurposed drugs during a public health catastrophe, shocks me to this day. In my recent post on the fraudulent TOGETHER ivermectin trial, I gave similar examples in relation to ivermectin.

In contrast to the USOP, the prestigious ICMR quickly conducted a trial of HCQ in prevention and found it reduced infection rates by up to 80%. They began exporting it to many countries around the world and were still recommending it in June of 2020. However, by July, the ICMR was starting to get cold feet, as detailed in this article, triggered when the WHO started publishing their fraudulent hospital trials on HCQ.

The Delta Wave Hits

The Delta wave starts to wreak havoc in India beginning February of 2021. The crisis leads television broadcasts and newspaper headlines across the world. So what did India’s Federal Agencies do in response to this historic crisis? They again did the right thing! On April 22nd, the Ministry of Health, the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) and Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) updated the national COVID-19 treatment protocol. The new protocol recommended Ivermectin and budesonide for all patients with a mild case of COVID.

For the enemies of ivermectin (which are many), this was NOT good. Again, the world’s 2nd largest country recommending ivermectin to over a billion people? This absolutely freaked out the WHO as I will detail below (it should go without saying that the WHO is controlled by and effectively represents Big Pharma and Bill Gates).

Get this, they even recommended it for 3-5 days! 

On April 22nd, the AIIMS issued their own guideline which included hydroxychloroquine as well, under the column “MAY DO”. Check it out:

On April 29th, in a press conference, the Ministry of Health once again confirmed the new protocol. These updates were presented to the media on April 30, 2021 and can be viewed here.

Now, this is where corruption via censorship and propaganda are kicked into high gear. The media simply refused to promulgate the news. Instead they continued to promote Remdesivir as an effective drug, and the few media outlets that even bothered to mention ivermectin referred to it as “the unproven medicine” or an “outdated treatment.” It’s as if there were two different realities—in the local health systems, millions of patients were now receiving ivermectin yet few knew due to what was essentially a media blackout. When ivermectin does surface, it’s mentioned as “outdated” or “inappropriate.”


To any reader of my Substack, this behavior should be unsurprising. I mean, given the reality that the world’s 2nd largest country was now systematically deploying ivermectin against COVID, Pharma and BMGF had to do absolutely everything possible to suppress, distort and dismiss the idea that ivermectin was effective. Recall that, aside from hydroxychloroquine, never has a single generic repurposed drug threatened more financial interests (hundreds of billions of dollars given the sum of the markets for vaccines, Paxlovid, Molnupiravir, monoclonal antibodies, Remdesivir etc).

Their first attempt to block this action came from a random branch of India’s federal health agencies (the Directorate General of Health Services – DGHS) when whatever captured officials they had in there posted a bulletin “not recommending ivermectin.” One problem: the DGHS has no authority to impact the Guideline!

The DGHS caused confusion for sure as this move was amplified across lots of media, trying to create a narrative that India was reversing its decision. However, ivermectin did continue to stay on India’s guideline until Gates visited Modi in September 2021 (not making this up). After Gates visited, ivermectin was removed from the National Guideline. Hang on until the end of this admittedly long post.

Next the WHO starts to take insane actions against ivermectin (remember that on March 31, 2021 they had already updated their recommendation to not recommend ivermectin despite dozens of trials showing massive mortality benefits).

Then, on May 8th, the WHO’s Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan (an Indian for chrissakes) tweeted the WHO’s absolutely idiotic “Home Care Bundle.” See below. Drink fluid, take tylenol, monitor pulse ox. No treatment. Just like the NIH.

2 days later, she goes after ivermectin even harder in one of history’s most criminal actions. Obeying what was definitely an order from above (I would guess it came from BMGF who is the 2nd largest funder of the WHO after the U.S), she stupidly cites Merck’s “opinion” in her tweet to the world reminding them that the WHO doesn’t recommend ivermectin outside a clinical trial. She literally cited a pharmaceutical company’s public relations campaign against a competing drug (remember, although Merck invented ivermectin, they can’t make money off of it anymore as it is no longer patent protected). Merck’s shiny new pill Molnupiravir is thus a direct competitor of ivermectin.

The statement she cited by Merck (below) had been posted on the company’s website about 8 weeks after my Senate Testimony on Feb 4, 2021.

The three statements above were outrageously fraudulent. No study paper or analysis of data was posted to support the statements and no authors were listed. Instead the statements were simply attributed to the conclusions of “company scientists.” The reality is that this was 100% written by their Public Relations department. Hey Merck, why don’t you try to prove me wrong in court? The FLCCC doesn’t have the money you do, but I promise you we now know several very wealthy people who would love to back us in that fight.

The FLCCC’s review paper, which I was the first author of, had already passed peer review and been publicly posted (and presented to the NIH) at that time of Merck’s PR move. It included dozens of trials and reports of health programs using ivermectin with dramatic results. Yet it was the unsubstantiated Merck bulletin that was blasted across the world via headlines in major newspapers, TV, and radio. It was terrifying to me at the time because I did not fully understand yet that it was a complete Disinformation tactic, plain and simple. One of many tactics that Pharma has been perfecting for decades and are really, really good at. NPR reached out to them to discuss their statements further and they “declined to comment.” Shocker.

So, the Chief Scientist of the WHO cited a bulletin of pure propaganda by a pharmaceutical company to complete her assigned task of recommending against ivermectin in the midst of her country’s crisis. You cannot make this stuff up.

However, she soon found herself in deep doo-doo. An organization called the Indian Bar Association quickly filed criminal charges against her for this tweet, accusing her of a crime which apparently included the possibility of a death penalty. She very quickly deleted her tweet.

Further evidence of the discomfort of WHO officials when asked about ivermectin can be found in this interview by independent journalist Ivory Hecker who was investigating ivermectin suppression in the U.S months ago (see mark 12:10-15:00). Recall that Ivory was formerly employed by a Texas Fox News Affiliate until her widely covered live, on-air resignation protesting censorship of ivermectin and other topics at Fox. Anyway, watch the WHO official literally squirm trying to dismiss the idea ivermectin works or that the WHO knows this. At mark 14:35, Ivory asks the WHO official, “What do you think is working in India right now?” His deflection of an answer is quite telling.

Now check out this email from a surgeon and owner of a hospital in India who asked to remain anonymous. I think it says it all:

When I asked him if he would come on our FLCCC webinar to discuss the situation and response in India, this is what he wrote back:

Craig Kelly, an Australian politician, who, like Senator Ron Johnson, led a very public and much-vilified attempt to challenge Australia’s criminal ignoring of early treatment. He was well aware of numerous other successful early ivermectin treatment programs like in ParaguayArgentina (herehere and here), BrazilMexicoPhillipines, and Peru among others.

In his tweet below, he humorously asked if Australia could borrow UP’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to replace their “hopelessly incompetent State Premiers.” The Chief Ministers Office replied to him:

So, clearly the CM’s office was validating that they were using ivermectin. However, do you remember that wickedly detailed, comprehensive 132 page report on UP’s TTT program that I introduced in Part 1 of this post? The one whose lead author was a Professor at one of the top Universities in India? That report only mentioned ivermectin once “as a protocol medication they monitor the supply of.” Well, in October of 2021, right after releasing it, he became active on Twitter, first detailing the critical aspects of the report. Notice how tightly he sticks to the “orders” he (and the rest of India’s media) were following which was to always say the words “medicine kit” instead of “ivermectin”.

His tweet was met with many comments attacking his report, to which he replied with the below thread.

Note how he claims the report “does not validate ivermectin.” Really? Hard to validate when the report barely mentions ivermectin or treatment (it does mention “immunity boosting kits” though. Whatever. Then he opines “what is surprising is that the situation was brought under control so quickly” (just like the surgeon predicted above). Agrawal is literally crediting the success almost solely to testing and contact tracing. Certainly he can’t attribute the success to the mass distribution of ivermectin in treatment to all active cases plus to their household members and close contacts for post-exposure prevention. I mean that would be absurd conjecture Professor Agrawal.

Then he claims that “the report explains how that happened.” Just like the WHO’s report, his report attributes the TTT’s shocking success to anything and everything but… treatment with ivermectin. Again, the word ivermectin appears once in the 132 page report. Not subtle. This nonsense has been absolutely typical for “captured” health care leaders from both the Ivory Towers and the tops of national and international health agencies and societies. Why was there literally no major health care leader with just an ounce of integrity and two ounces of courage to blow the whistle on this fraud?

Now, let’s get back to the Federal level. When ivermectin was placed on India’s national treatment guideline, other states besides UP were already using it aggressively like Bihar (although not in as organized or sophisticated a way as UP). States such as:


Earlier, at least 20 to 25 HCWs were getting infected with the virus daily. After the workers started taking Ivermectin, the number of infection has come down to one or two per day,” Dr Batmanabane said.



However, during Delta, after ivermectin was included on India’s national treatment guideline and, as attested to by the surgeon above, many doctors across the country were using it while others derided and dismissed it. The controversy was strong, solely created by the relentless media and medical journal propaganda and censorship against the drug. Many experienced and highly intelligent doctors were fooled into thinking it was ineffective and were also unforgivably arrogant about it. This includes many of my formerly respected colleagues. But the doctors that knew it worked were being beaten back oftentimes by the high-level academics in the cities, a pattern and dynamic which was seen in many countries including Peru where the big city doctors in Lima refused to use it (and got absolutely hammered) while the more rural areas used it widely. In the U.S it was essentially the private practice physicians doing all the effective early treatment while what I call “the system physicians” were unknowingly letting people die for lack of treatment.

I saved this email to me from an Indian follower of the FLCCC:

—“Unfortunately, the WHO Recommendation and the JAMA study have done more harm than good. We doctors who believe in ivermectin have been using it even today but the ones who were a little skeptical, might have stopped thanks to the misleading information lately.

—There are absolutely no public information initiatives on ivermectin.  I have a voice but not loud enough to reach everyone (I hear ya sister).

—The kind of popularity Remdesivir has got**.. i wish ivermectin did and we would have been at a different place altogether.

(to demonstrate just how effective the media propaganda and censorship was, note that Remdesivir was twice as popular as ivermectin on google searches in India.

Anyway, during Delta almost every state in India was broadly using ivermectin.

Except for two.

Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

This is where it gets really, really interesting. Let’s start with what happened in Tamil Nadu.

Their Chief Minister’s name is MK Stalin (not making this up). Stalin removed ivermectin, but did keep Vitamin C, Zinc, Budesonide, Ranitidine, Doxycycline. Let’s see what happened shall we?

This decision did not start out well for them. Look out how fast the ivermectin recommending states were decreasing positivity rates, cases and deaths in the first 30 days of the Delta Wave. Tamil Nadu didn’t make a dent in the wave.

Apparently they noticed this too. And what they did next was pretty incredible. They went all in on an early treatment approach with an anti-viral herb concoction called Kabasura Kudineer comprising ginger, pippali, clove, cirukancori root, mulli root, kadukkai, ajwain and many other herbs. An Indian study in June of 2020 found it effective and you can find lots of news reports about its use in Tamil Nadu from even before that time. Remember, there is no disease that can’t be treated. Early treatment works.

Dozens of natural and repurposed pharmaceutical compounds have now been found effective as anti-virals. Meanwhile the USOP uses only Paxlovid, an absurdly over-priced and highly complex medicine with 125 different medication interactions across 25 different classes of medicine. It even comes with this thing I have never seen in my COVID career, a “rebound phenomenon,” particularly common in U.S health care leaders and presidents (about the only times I have laughed at Biden’s and Fauci’s behavior in the pandemic). But now we are apparently letting nurses prescribe the stuff. Not funny. See below from a nurse who wrote to me yesterday. USOP baby:

Note that I have not validated the above, but it appears legit and also unsurprising.

Anyway, on May 12, Tamil Nadu gets into the “distribution of medicine kits” game. Curiously, the headline actually lists the contents of the kit. Thats weird.

And guess what happens? The “drop” in cases and deaths starts soon after. Boom. Early treatment my friends. Go Stalin (ouch).

J Chamie @jjchamieTamil Nadu excluded IVM from their official protocol. but they aren’t following @WHO at all. They treat EARLY with: Natural medicine: Kabasura Kudineer Vit C, Zinc and Budesonide, plus Ranitidine, Doxycycline if worsen.…


J Chamie@jjchamieTwo pilot studies conducted in May and June 2020 by the National Institute of Siddha, Tambaram, here and SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Centre revealed that 99% COVID-19 cases turned negative within five days.

July 4th 202114 Retweets41 Likes

Now Kerala’s performance you already know about from Part 2 of my UP series but lets check in to see how they have done after banishing ivermectin and going at COVID hard with Remdesivir and the jabs. Recall that prior to Delta they had some of the lowest death rates in the country. In the chart below, the other grey lines represent the death rates per 100,000 of 29 other Indian states. Kerala has been the worst performing state by far ever since.

Bill Gates Comes to Town and Ivermectin Leaves

By the end of September 2021, most of India was out of the woods due to abundant natural immunity and widespread use of ivermectin. However, India could not afford to be shunned from the money and support the WHO (and its greatest contributor, Bill Gates and his Foundation) can provide them.

Well, as it happens, in late September 2021 good ole’ Billy Gates comes to visit India and meets with Prime Minister Modi.

By all appearances what happened is that India caved in to pressure to remove Ivermectin from the guidelines on September 23rd in a quid pro quo deal. PM Modi agreed to remove Ivermectin in exchange for Gates providing WHO support and resources for the the “Ayushman Bharat Digitial Mission,” a program to provide healthcare digital ID numbers to all Indian Citizens (yeah that sounds like a program which will benefit us all). This was announced on September 28, just 5 days later. Clown World.

Modi is quoted on Twitter thanking Gates, and then the article adds this doozy:  

“Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi will inaugurate CIPET: Institute of Petrochemicals Technology, Jaipur and also lay the foundation stone of four new medical colleges in Banswara, Sirohi, Hanumangarh & Dausa districts of Rajasthan on 30th September 2021 at 11 AM via video-conferencing.”

Yeah, that’s exactly what the world needs, four medical schools funded by Bill Gates.

It is my belief that the war on ivermectin is over. Well, if not over, at a stalemate. All the doctors across the world using it to treat COVID will continue (unless we lose our medical licenses to do so like my friend Meryl Nass is being threatened with (not if we have anything to do with it – Paul Marik and I are serving as her expert witnesses). The rest of the system docs will continue to dismiss it as a horse dewormer and prescribe Paxlovid. Good times.

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