Author of ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ : What the Elites Don’t Want You To Know

FREEDOM, LAW & ECONOMICS, MONEY / Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

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Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor dad says there’s something the elitists don’t want you to know.  There’s a simple way to take back your power, and it involves removing yourself from any centralized banking system.

These centralized systems were all set up for the elite by the elite, and they don’t want you to know you can remove yourself from the system, or the Matrix, so to speak. All you have to do is invest and spend outside of their system.  Decentralized systems are already in place, and the key to breaking free involves understanding that the central banks were not set up to help you.

The Federal Reserve, the United States central bank, has “printed” [created out of thin air] more than $2 trillion since the global economic crisis began, and when the Fed prints money it makes the price of assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin go up. As Robert Kiyosaki says, central banks are run by the “controlling elite.” These elites do not like gold or because central banks cannot print gold. Equally, central banks do not like Bitcoin and the blockchain because what Robert calls people’s money, does not need central banks either.

Today, billions of people are trapped in a central banking system owned by the mega-rich and are losing big time because they are saving money.

Kiyosaki says he knew the “leaders” of the world were screwed up, but even he didn’t think they were as diabolical as they have revealed themselves to be.

“People are missing out on one of the biggest, catastrophic cash heists, of the whole world,” says Kiyosaki.

“Our governments have really screwed up,” he adds. So it’s time to leave the system or be dragged into slavery by staying in it.  After all, they shut down the world to cover up something “very very big.”

Kiyosaki says to get crypto. The reason he likes it is because it’s outside the system.  The elitists and politicians cannot control Bitcoin, and they are terrified of people realizing this. This is panicking  all of the control systems of the globe (the governments.) They do not want you to figure this out.

This was put in a fine way by a man named Jake Ducey, who understands, like Kiyosaki, that we are embedded in this Matrix of mind control.  But we can remove ourselves, and it’s remarkably easy.

But first, it’s important for you to understand why they need you to think you can’t be free of the rigged system. Once you figure it out, you’ll break out immediately, and it renders them useless. As Duecy says,

what good is a lifetime politician, that’s been a politician for 40 years, that’s made all this money off of taxpayer money (theft) and insider investing…what good are they if we realize we can create a better world without them? It renders them useless. Now, what good are the people that are behind the scenes, pulling the strings on those types of puppets, and we don’t even know who they are, ad they hide in the shadows, what good are they? NONE! And that’s why there’s a vested interest in censorship and control of any information that uplifts and changes the thought patterns of too many people.”

In short, to break free from the system means to stop using their money and paying them (taxes) to keep you enslaved.  Instead, use alternative currencies that cannot be manipulated, and realize that you don’t need a master or a ruler ordering you around because, without them, we can still work together and create a future worth living.

This is all part of the Great Awakening, says Ducey.  You can remain enslaved to the system, or you can wake up, let go of it, and start really living now. I think it’s happening anyway, so you might as well make the decision live freely anyway.  The longer you hold out and insist you need a master dictating your life, the harder this transition to a better way of life will be for you.

Good ideas don’t require force.

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