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By Aleksandar Svetski

Not now, not later, not ever.

Dedicated to the skeptics, to the ignorant, to the arrogant & to the un-interested.

You DO NOT need bitcoin.
Don’t buy any.

I personally don’t care about driving “mass adoption”.
I prefer selective adoption.

Swine deserve no pearls.
The price of ignorance is yours to pay.
As is the price of stupidity.

When the time comes, I will gladly pay you a thousand Sats for a month of your time, and smile in the process.

The truth is harsh.

The most important decision you’ll ever make

There is NO decision you can make today, that’s more important for your financial, economic & sovereign future, than to buy Bitcoin.

And if you don’t want to take a little time to look into that further, the ONLY person you can blame later is yourself.

Today, Bitcoin is in it’s early, emergent stage.
You can read more about this here (thanks ObiWan Kenobit):

Hyperbitcoinization: Winner Takes All

It is THE opportunity of not only your lifetime, but likely the largest potential wealth transfer in history, and the wildest past is that the bulk of it will happen over a few decades.

We’re still in the first 12yrs of this shift, and we’ve already seen Bitcoin explode from $0.0008c (when 10,000 were used to buy 2 pizza’s), to the current price of ~$11,500 USD.

This is only the beginning. Barely 0.001% of global wealth is denominated in Bitcoin.

If you take a moment right now to understand money, it’s role in society and how natural economic darwinism will drive the entire world to the most robust, sound and safe form of wealth storage, you can choose to buy some of it before the rest of the world catches on.

Reading this, you’re like an ancient individual who found some gold, whilst everyone was still using shells. The difference is that you live in the digital age where this money will emerge and mature in your lifespan. The ancient individual unfortunately would’ve been right but dead because it took gold took a few thousand years to do what Bitcoin will do in decades.

Let. That. Sink. In

And then learn more about Bitcoin and it’s emergence here:

Why Bitcoin Matters

And for the love of your future self, download this short ebook & fucking educate your current self!!

Download Investing in Bitcoin

Here I am again giving you resources..sheesh..

Today, you have a choice to buy Bitcoin; the scarcest money in the universe, for pennies!! You can literally buy 1000’s of Satoshi’s (the cent equivalent in Bitcoin, where 100,000,000 Sats = 1 BTC) for $1 !!!

There is no greater opportunity today, and there will be no greater regret tomorrow when you don’t have a “choice” to buy it any more.

When the day arrives where you will have to take it, you’ll remember these words, but alas it will be too late & you cannot turn back time.

More Truth Bombs

It’s no longer 2012

Back then you had an excuse. It’s now 2020….

There is absolutely NO reason why somebody with a little bit of curiosity or a relatively functional brain cannot find out what bitcoin is, why it exists, why it’s important & why they should allocate some of their personal wealth to it.

Especially when they have a friend like me or the myriad Bitcoiners out there.

I’m no longer going to bang people over the head with messages of “why you should buy Bitcoin”.

It’s no longer 2012.

Today, there is so much information out there from so many good people, across every medium imaginable, that you have NO EXCUSE to ignore it, or say: “but nobody told me”.

If you don’t take a little bit of time out of your Netflix schedule to read into what this thing is, and why it’s important for your personal economic future, then you deserve what you get.

It sounds harsh, but welcome to life young padawan.

Now…If you have taken some time but are still ignorant, arrogant or stupid enough to dismiss it, then you really deserve what’s coming, and the rest of this article is definitely for you.

I don’t want you to buy any bitcoin!

Oh but Aleks, what about “muh mass adoption”???

Listen up closely:

I don’t give a shit if mass adoption doesn’t come for another 10, 20, 50 or 100yrs.

I’m all about selective adoption and I’m all about the long game.
So I’m willing to wait.

As in ALL natural, evolutionarily functional systems, those who seed and help build the foundations should get disproportionately rewarded.

This is 100% fair, and beautifully unequal.
(those of you who know me, know my contention on equality as the most despicable of human ideals. It’s disgusting and rewards the worst of us)

So to the skeptics & naysayers I have a simple message:

I hope you don’t buy any Bitcoin. Not now and not ever.
I hope the only time you get your hands on Bitcoin is when it’s the only way you’re able to be paid, ie; when you have to earn it.

I look forward to the day when a couple thousand of my Sats buy three, four or five months of your time.

So in the meantime…

please. Stick to your fiat.
please. Stick to your shitcoins.

I don’t want none of you blockchainers, shitcoiners, fiat no-coiners or the rest of you clowns who think you know better to be a part of this.

This roller coaster is special, so why would I want to share it with your dumb ass?
Why should I continue to cast pearls before swine?

I beleive in exclusionary principles.

This isn’t about kumbaya, and about all of us “being one”.
Fuck you.

We’re different for a reason.

I made my bed & I’ll lay in it.
You make yours.

When the time comes, I’ll pay you in Sats for your time because you will no longer have a choice in the matter.

That’s when I win, and that’s when you lose.

Reap what you Sow

The difference between you & me is that I buy Bitcoin now, because I want to.
You’re going to have to earn bitcoin tomorrow, because you have to.

And that is the price of ignorance.
That is the price of arrogance.

That’s the price of stupidity you’re going to have to pay, and as much as this sounds harsh, the truth is you’ll deserve every bit of it.

We all lay in the bed we make, and you’re making yours now.

A smug Bitcoiner won’t be the one saying “I told you so”. The new economic reality will do it for you.

The told you so will hit you like a ton of bricks when you realise the difference between yourself and those who were prudent, who saved diligently, who put in the time & effort now to discover what Bitcoin actually is, whilst everyone called them crazy .

There will be no remorse.

No longer casting pearls before swine

Those who have the opportunity to buy some Bitcoin now, and choose not to, thanks to ignorance, arrogance or stupidity, deserve to pay the premium.

They deserve to trade their precious time & energy tomorrow, for what they could’ve acquired today for literal peanuts.

Make no mistake about it: we are not equal.
We are very, very different people.

I’ve put in the time, effort & energy now, to not only understand this for myself, but to also help seed & support the network.

I’ve done my part.

You’re going to come in later, and help me reap the rewards of my labour.
You’ll exist to help me enjoy the fruits.

That will be your role to play.

I chose to take a risk and acquire a piece of what everyone called me crazy for studying, believing in and figuring out today, with the hope of building a better, fairer & more equitable future for all.

In doing so, some of us will become giants, and disproportionately wealthy.
You also have that chance, but many of you will not take it.

And I’m finally fine with that.
I will no longer cast pearls before swine.

This article may sound harsh, but I no longer give a shit.
The onus is now on YOU to do your own research.

This is happening whether you like it, agree with it or not.
Myself and thousands of other Bitcoiners written essay upon essay upon essay on this.

A few names off the top of my head with quality material include:

  • Me (of course)
  • Gigi
  • Robert Breedlove
  • Saifedean Ammous

You can follow your nose & curiosity on those.
And here’s a great place to download a few incredible pieces of work:


And last but not least, if you’re a Bitcoiner reading this, you’ll never know if I mean it or if I’m playing 4D chess.

And tbh, it doesn’t matter.

This is happening. Bitcoin is taking over. Economic darwinism is a fact.

Stack your Sats, offer up an olive branch, watch for curiosity or that sparkle in there eye as a sign to proceed. If it’s not there or if you get push back, let them play like a pig in shit with their fiat, stonks or shitcoins.

We’ll need cleaners for the citadels

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