How To End The COVID “Pandemic” In ONE Week

CULTURE, FREEDOM, Indian Liberty Report / Monday, April 26th, 2021

This document’s objective is exactly as described in it’s title. People are dying and dying in large numbers, they don’t have to. We will describe the problem and lay out the possible solution.

A Seasonal Virus

This is a seasonal virus, just like the flu, not a “pandemic”. Since it is a new virus of our environment we both – humans and SARS-COVID-19 are going through an adjustment period so to speak. This is a simple description, because the Experimental Biologic Genetic Therapy Immune Modulatory Injection peddled as “vaccine” is a big part of the equation and is going to increasingly pay a vital role. We won’t cover it in this post.

It’s Harder on the Unhealthy

Eating carbs while under inflammation is like stoking the flames, it can only get bigger.

Most people are not healthy, and this virus affects people with co-morbidities more severely. Almost all of these co-morbidities viz. diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, etc. are Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases, the results of our collective addiction to carbohydrates. Eating carbs while under inflammation is like stoking the flames, it can only get bigger. Carbs are inflammatory, period. Not a single doctor understands this, and even if they did it is not implemented systemically, one only needs to look at any hospital’s menu – start with AIIMS.

Vitamin D

Every cell of our body has a vit. D receptor in the nucleus. Apporx. 2000 genes in our body (5% of our genome) are controlled by vit. D. It is the master key to our immune health. If one has a vit. D level of 50 ng/ml (range 20-100) one cannot develop a “cytokine storm” – which makes COVID severe and eventually fatal in a lot of cases. The 3 letter agencies who are putting up guidelines and treatment protocols have wasted no words on its importance or even mention it as a preventive. And the doctors blindly following these guidelines don’t even pause to question and with their high and mighty 10yr+ study of medicine say it isn’t important!

If every single person getting severe symptoms was tested for vit. D deficiency we would find a very very interesting statistic just as they found in New York in April last year where over 80% of the dead were deficient. This was further corroborated by a recent Barcelona study of 930 COVID-19 patients where those who received the supplement rather than the placebo saw a “reduced mortality rate of 60%” they further add that these patients were additionally 80% less likely to require intensive care at the hospital. This study supports the pilot study in Cordoba (Spain) where vit. D treatment lead to reduction of more than 50% of ICU admissions in hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Based on the Spanish studies, UK doctors came up with their paper in December 2020 to make it a mandatory recommendation “with great urgency”.

This “pandemic” will be over within a week if every single person was given a Rs. 36 sachet of vit. D.

This “pandemic” will be over within a week if every single person was given a Rs. 36 sachet of vit. D. I got the same virus as my dad, the first day itself I took a sachet of vit. D over and above my schedule and I only had fever and a mild cough that didn’t even last a week. It’s my 6th day since infection and I feel great. The longer the official agencies ignore it the more blood is on their hands. It is their responsibility to review every literature and come up with the most effective guidelines – not mine, but here we are. There is no other way to look at it than the fact that they are literally killing people.

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It is NOT About the Virus

This is not about the virus. It is not erratic. People don’t suddenly go from recovering to ICU. Fun Fact: By law the US Federal Government cannot approve a vaccine for a disease if there exists a treatment for it. Fun Fact 2: NIH, the authority that approves medicines in the US co-holds a patent for COVID vaccine with Moderna. If this is not a case of fox guarding the hen house then I don’t know what is. And we in India follow their lead.

After months of 24 hours 7 days a week of constant bombardment of national case scorecard being flashed and updated in real time on every news channel like IPL scores, and special apps to download on mobile phones so you can’t miss your daily dose of fear as the cases increase – never mind the 5 fold increase in testing, election rallies in other states, birthday parties of the important, government offices are working while your business is dead, sudden increase after March 31st – last date for paying annual taxes in this country or whatever happened to the Fatality Rate?

..even the people who were against the Experimental Biologic Genetic Therapy Immune Modulatory Injection labelled as “vaccine” are now lining up for it.

The pictures of hospitals, their corridors and morgues and dead bodies waiting to be cremated in shamshan ghats due to space and the shortage of wood and on.. and on.. and on.. of the fear mongering, even the people who were against the Experimental Biologic Genetic Therapy Immune Modulatory Injection labelled as “vaccine” are now lining up for it. More and more of the people who wanted to open their shops and earn their daily bread, feed their children, pay their rents and car EMIs are now quiet, not protesting, afraid and dejected joining the herd for they can manage with less food and no car but, not without their loved ones. There are no more protests, people not coming together, distrusting each other and so afraid they are not even venturing out of their homes. They not only let the government do what it wants, they become part of the machinery and get their fellow citizens to tow the line.

How To Save Yourself And Anyone You Care About

  1. Stop eating carbohydrates, even fruits. Treat them as desserts. Start eating an animal based diet. Make fat your primary source of energy and have enough protein.
  2. Take 1 sachet/week for a month of vit. D and repeat every 6 months.
  3. Lift weights.
  4. Get a good nights’ sleep.
  5. Get your micro nutrients right, most importantly; B12, DHA, Magnesium & Zinc.
  6. If you get infected, stay relaxed, maintain good hygiene. Go to your physician and take sensible medications that have established safety record over decades instead of COVID special medications with no long term effect studies. If your doctor is more afraid than your dog, find another doctor – that may not necessarily be easy.
  7. Be extra kind and considerate to your fellow humans.
  8. Invite people home or go to people’s homes for tea.

The Britisher’s divided India into two, a unified Hindu and a unified Muslim. COVID-19 has divided India on an individual level – I can appreciate it’s genius, a genius to horrific ends.. There is no humanity left in this once beautiful and tolerant society, no time left for sanskaar, sanskriti or culture, know your neighbour, atithi devo bhava nothing – nada. Our culture lives with us, we are it’s guardians, it is beautiful, keep it alive.

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