Some Honest Advice for the “CHAZ Republic”

CULTURE, FREEDOM / Tuesday, June 16th, 2020

Authored by Brandon Smith via,

Building a society is hard. Though people have a tendency to naturally adapt to forms of social order, these systems usually function best as small tribes, not massive collectives. Even when everyone agrees on particular goals, such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, they still often have conflicts over how to achieve those goals. Small groups have better chances, small voluntary groups are even more successful, as long as they follow a certain set of guidelines. Tribalism is the natural state of mankind, yet these days it’s treated like a taboo concept, especially by the political left.

Then, there is the ever present outlier, the 1%-5% percent of any given population that has inherent narcissistic and sociopathic qualities. These people make coming to an agreement on anything almost impossible. They hold the world hostage by sabotaging peace and resolution until they get exactly what they want. Sometimes what they want is nothing more that total chaos and destruction. In other cases they dream big, with notions of dominance and godhood.

If you want to know what a society based on narcopathy actually looks like, that’s easy; just look at the communist movements in Stalinist Russia or Mao’s China, or how about the social justice crucibles within Facebook and Twitter? And, let’s not forget the latest narcopathic experiment in the “CHAZ Republic” autonomous region in Seattle.

The mainstream media would have you believe that CHAZ is a burgeoning progressive Utopia where people live in harmony and free from the police. However, It did not take long before the “self sustaining” SJW nation of CHAZ became a laughing stock among web denizens, who have been tracking their bumbling exploits with equal parts glee and horror.

When your society is immediately taken over by low budget weak talent rapper “warlords”, when you run out of food and have to order Dominos pizza delivered to your southern border daily and citizens beg for soy based vegan products to to be donated, and when people are attacked by a mob for “unauthorized graffiti” on the wrong turf after that mob already tore up the neighborhood, there’s certainly room for improvement.

There are already some amazing hypocrisies flowing from CHAZ, including the fact that protesters quickly placed barriers and fencing all around the six block area to keep people they don’t like out. Apparently, Antifa and BLM are now proud advocates of building walls. But two of my favorite examples have happened in the past couple of days, including the man who slipped into CHAZ and started preaching biblical verses at them on the street. This incident should tell you half of what you need to now about the social justice cult.

The man was immediately set upon by a crowd of angry leftists, had his life threatened, was attacked, robbed of his phone and beaten. In the video of the attack, you can clearly see one of the CHAZ citizens trying to put the man in a choke hold; I guess “I can’t breath…” was a temporary motto.

What is so interesting about this situation to me is that the preacher was doing to them exactly what they do to others. Getting in their faces, arguing a message of belief, refusing to leave even though no one wants him there, and their reaction was to silence the man using violence. The puritanical fraud of Antifa and BLM has never been more obvious. When your mob resides in the media and on Twitter you can use cancel culture to terrorize people into silence. But, in the real world that stuff is meaningless, and so in order to deal with persistent people you either have to let them speak or use force.

Welcome to the real world, CHAZ…

The second incident was their attempt at planting a CHAZ food garden. I’ll let a photo of the garden speak for itself:

Now, this garden tells us the other half of the story about the types of people we are dealing with here. I was not present during the planning and formation of this garden, but I can imagine exactly what happened:

The community met in a huge and largely disorganized herd to discuss plans and grievances. Being intellectuals through and through, they enjoy talking endlessly about what should be done while having no expertise in how to make things happen. Someone brought up the issue of food, realizing that if they are going to be “autonomous”, they will have to start producing necessities somehow. With no one among the hundreds or perhaps thousands of people at the meeting with any knowledge of how to grow food, they listened to the first person who claimed he or she could make it happen.

That person then proceeded to the nearest Home Depot where they purchased 50 or so pre-grown plants, because growing from seed leaves more room for failure and they have no clue how to do it anyway. Then, they went to the park with a vision, a grand image in their minds of a vast garden of plenty that would feed the community for years.

They then went to plant that garden and quickly realized the grass in the park would overwhelm and steal all the nutrients from their plants. So, they ask a handful of people to dig up the sod to get to the soil underneath. The young men, weak and pasty from years of soy-based products, tried with all their might to wrestle the sod from the ground, but to no avail. They realize digging up and tilling the ground is difficult.

One of them chimes in “This blows, why do we have to do this? Isn’t this supposed to be anarchy? I don’t feel liberated right now, I feel sweaty and annoyed…”

Another worker nods “Yeah, there must be an easier way. Let’s watch YouTube for some ideas….”

They go forth and do so. And low, they discover an endless variety of instructional videos, half of which are made by idiots just like them. The video tells them to lay paper on top of the grass and then soil on top of the paper. They immediately take all the boxes they can find on the street, stealing the homes of many hobos. They lay out the boxes on top of the grass. They venture forth into the neighboring country of America, where potting soil is plentiful.

They purchase the bounty with money borrowed from their parents and then spread 3 inches of soil over the cardboard, set the potted plants on top and viola! A garden any homesteader would be envious of! And then the homeless population shows up to demand their boxes back and reality sets in.

I’m reminded of the book ‘Defiance’ by Nechama Tec, about the partisans that fled to the Belarussian forests to hide from the Nazi occupation during WWII (the movie ‘Defiance’ is based on the same book). The book describes how many of the partisans and Jewish people in the community were college students, professors and academics. These people realized after a few days that they had no useful skill sets and no knowledge of anything to do with survival. Once at the top of society, during the crisis they found themselves at the bottom of the totem pole. They were essentially useless, while working class farmers and mechanics took over as the leaders.

I am also reminded of the fact that after the Bolshevik revolution, the communists ran off or killed most of the engineers, mechanics, farmers, and other producers within Russian society. The Bolsheviks only survived because Western corporations sent them experts to help them rebuild their manufacturing base (but that is a discussion for another time).

The point is, if you do not know how to produce, you cannot build a society. It’s as simple as that. The residents of CHAZ appear to me to be iPhone entranced yuppies, mostly from upper-middle class families. When all you have done in your life is talk theory in college and all your knowledge comes from Reddit the idea of application must be highly alien. The thought of actually building a thing must be intergalactic in origin to them.

When people have no understanding of how necessities work or how they are made, when they have no understanding of how food gets onto their plates, they usually have no respect for the people that make these things possible. And I have to warn you, people of CHAZ, most of the folks that make your lives possible have homes in so-called “fly-over country”, and they are conservative.

Interestingly, I find that when people choose to live in a more self sufficient fashion or are forced to by circumstance, they have a habit of also shifting away from socialist fantasies. They abandon their first-world problems and notions of identity politics when they realize what REAL struggle actually looks like. And, they start to care about concepts like merit, and retaining the value of their work instead of giving away that value to people who don’t deserve it. They start acting like conservatives.

So, I don’t necessarily want the CHAZ Republic to fail. In fact, I would love for these people to go through the struggles of trying to set up a real world self sustaining community or “tribe”. Why? Because there is a chance they will come out the other side appreciating the accomplishments of the conservative communities and individuals that already do these things on a regular basis. Maybe they will even convert to “right wing extremism”; that’s where all the real men are, and we have more fun. The left sucks at building things because their mentality is one of theory and never one of application. All they know is how to tear things down; they have no ability to create.

And to show the people of CHAZ that I’m not all talk like they are, I’ll give them some tips on how to get started as producers. For example, the image below is what a REAL garden looks like:

I carved this new garden plot out of the woods this spring. It took about a month to do everything. Trees had to be cut and I had to remove the stumps by exposing the roots with a shovel and then cutting the tap roots with a reciprocating saw. The ground was leveled as best as possible using a bobcat, which I had to learn how to drive beforehand. I then built the raised garden beds, set them into the ground, and dug up and turned all the soil in the beds. Eight inches of fresh soil, a mixture of potting soil and topsoil, was then placed in the beds.

The beds were surrounded by wood chips to help prevent weed growth. I planted seeds which I know from years of experience grow very well in the cooler climate of Montana. I also built a tall fence around the garden and then sprayed the area with garlic based deer repellent to prevent animals from trying to jump the fence and destroy the plants as they grow. Staple crops in my region are root based, such as potatoes, onions, carrots, etc.

I plant using some seed and potatoes I saved from my crop the year before, but I still have to dip into seeds I purchased, too. Eventually I would like to plant completely from seed I save from my own crops.

This process requires many seasons of experience to become proficient. It is not easy. It is not simple. It requires hard work, and sometimes you fail anyway. This means you need backup strategies. I have also become an avid hunter and I feel I have finally mastered tracking and stalking. Here is an image of the buck I harvested last hunting season:

And, while gardening and hunting can put food on the table, you may also need to produce items that people are willing to barter for to get products and services you can’t provide for yourself. Below is a cedar chest I just built by hand last week.  Products like this could be traded in an open market:

You see, a community is only as successful as the individuals within it. Each person should bring with them as many unique skill sets as they can that add to the strength of the tribe. Trade is vital, and the free market of barter must be allowed to thrive, otherwise there is no incentive for people to put in any effort and your society will die.

I read today that the Republic of CHAZ is thinking about changing their name to “CHOP” in an effort to clarify that they do not intend to secede from the US. I suspect that this change of heart may be due to the fact that the residents and activists there are starting to realize how difficult this self sufficiency business is. When you declare you are building an autonomous zone, that is a lifetime commitment and one rife with struggle. When you declare you are merely protesting, you can walk away anytime you like and pretend you won the day.

I hope the people of CHAZ don’t quit their goal of establishing a sufficient society, at least not yet. They’ve only been at it about a week, and that’s not enough time for them to really get a sense of the effort and skill that’s needed to become productive. Maybe they’ll exit the CHAZ with a newfound respect for the conservative ideal? Who knows…

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