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As for the photo above: yes Mr. Schwab, we are going to use this opportunity to “reset” : but you’re not going to like our “reset” at all ! (See ‘Winning the War : Make Your Own Agenda 2030‘)


Science and neutral reporting are increasingly being oppressed. This is only possible as we find ourselves in a continuous state of fear. In this eye-opening thread, I’ll explain how this could have happened and what consequences this development has on our lives.

If scientists and politicians had to display their sponsors publicly, those currently in the spotlight would most likely look like these astronauts, who are misleading the public by attributing doomsday potential to the virus. #ToTheMoon

I am writing this thread as I am very annoyed that all ‘conspiracy theories’ are becoming a reality, and it seems like there are just a handful of people who are pulling strings. In my perception, it’s a setup with hardly any powerful antagonists.

We are currently observing that scientists are getting silenced on social media platforms such as @ResearchGate@Facebook@LinkedIn@Instagram, and @twitter because they question the official narrative.

I’m talking about censorship of substantive argumentations on a high scientific level, which is not to be compared with Youtube university courses that claim to be able to prove that pyramids were built by aliens or that the earth is flat.

Scientific criticism is essentially composed of studying available literature and possible observations. In this case, there was an event that, for various reasons, overrode an existing scientific consensus.

An example of this is “masks” which are not suitable for preventing viral infections. Until 2020, no scientist would have disagreed with that. Even Fauci and @c_drosten have communicated this.

If we, as scientists, now turn to scientific literature pre-2020 and compare the scientific findings from that time with today’s narrative, then a substantial discrepancy can be observed.

The normal process would be a scientific discourse to figure out the reasons for this abruptly changing factual narrative. Instead, we observe that influential scientists are claiming to be omniscient and ridicule critics in general.

However, when scientists who take up this cause of criticism are banned from social media, posts with links to peer-reviewed publications critical of the mask are automatically deleted

…and all mass media worldwide also discredit such scientists as “heretics” who show a lack of solidarity with the society, then one has no choice but to conclude that the academic world is in a difficult phase.

I would never claim that I know all the truth and all the wisdom in the world, but that is why I became a scientist. I do not close my eyes to the truth.

I want to understand things that I do not understand, i.e. increasing my knowledge (lat. Scientia => Science). : So, how did this stark narrative shift occur between February and April 2020? How was it possible that public morality and common sense got lost within several weeks? 

In this time, not only the reporting made a 180°-turn, but also statements of the scientists (mostly virologists), got a platform at that time in the media, no longer corresponded to the statements they made earlier.

For most of the population, which is little or not at all concerned with the scientific world and the human metabolism, this paradigm shift may not have been noticeable. For many, science was simply a marginal phenomenon.

Nevertheless, many people became alert when the respective scientists suddenly claimed that masks (preferably multilayered) could protect people from infections as well as that we could expect an explosion in COVID-cases during the summer of 2020.

What previously would have been loudly dismissed by any colleague as “complete nonsense” quickly became the media’s narrative, without critical academic colleagues being able to present scientifically sound counterarguments via the same channels.

But how was it possible that this paradigm shift was accomplished without much disruptive noise? For those of you who do not know about this, there is a pandemic scenario out there dealing with a possible coronavirus-pandemic.

This document seems to have served as a blueprint for several “panic papers” that have been written by governments worldwide to implement a strategy based on fear. These panic papers have been written in March 2020, when the media was still partly critical.

The Telegraph, for instance, has reported about the British panic paper. The authors were aware that the fear factor might be responsible for the death of thousands. In a real pandemic, however, one would appeal for reason and calm instead. (

The same was observed in Germany. Scientists such as @mayer_iras and @OttoKolbl, who have strong links to China and publicly communicate their admiration of #Mao, were part of the German consortium.

And as if it wasn’t crazy enough, CCP-advocate @OttoKolbl, who is a PhD student in German studies, was modelling the R-value prediction for the report that has formed a basis for implementing freedom-restrictive measures – no punch line.

More information on the involvement of the CCP etc. can be found in the article of @aya_velazquez, which is well-documented and shows that reality is way more complex than we assume. 

See China and the ‘Great Reset’ : (…)

Conflicts of Interest

Coming back to the question of how all of this is possible, we definitely need to dive into funding schemes and conflicts of interests that come along with it. I wrote a comprehensive thread about this phenomenon which can be read here.

So scientists that are funded by, for instance, the Gates Foundation might be independent on paper. But the reality is a different one. It’s like being an expert court witness. One gets paid by one of the parties but still needs to be objective.

It can be hard as expectations are somehow clear, and they are the ones paying. One should be steadfast, but contrary to court witnesses, scientists do not have to swear an oath. So if one doesn’t satisfy the funder, they will look for other scientists/experts next time.

It gets even more worrisome when the same person who is funding scientists also has a high impact on the media. This can eventually lead to a confirmation bias. A belief is created with the support of corrupt scientists and media. (…) 

And others, who did not have time to dig into the issue, are following this trend. Does that sound like a conspiracy theory? Then you should at least watch this video. Scientists and journalists who currently do not follow the agenda are put under pressure or are even fired.

The Anomalies

So what we need to keep asking ourselves is whether the current situation isn’t a bit too unusual. I have several questions for you, if you reply to many of them with a “YES” you might be a COVID-conspiracy theorist.

Isn’t it strange that professors call for global restrictions, including heavy lockdowns and double masks, even though they know that this won’t stop a virus?

See ‘New COVID variants have changed the game, and vaccines will not be enough. We need global ‘maximum suppression’ (…) 

Isn’t it strange that only key indicators (e.g. deaths, ICU occupancy, incidences, mortality rate, variant proportion, etc.) are used that fit their narrative in that particular moment?

Isn’t it strange that we are kept on high alert by introducing more dangerous virus mutants the whole time, only to have to backpedal afterwards again and again?

Isn’t it strange that mainstream media does not know any other topics than COVID?

Isn’t it strange that COVID-related deaths are the only relevant ones (what happened to cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc.)?

Isn’t it strange that those who are receiving funding from biased funders (e.g. The Gates Foundation) are the ones that determine the political course?

Isn’t it strange that drug experiments are more important than the welfare of the children on whom the drug is being tested?

See NYT :

We Can’t End the Pandemic Without Vaccinating Kids

By Jeremy Samuel Faust and Angela L. Rasmussen (NYT)

Isn’t it strange that deaths within four weeks of a positive corona test are considered “corona deaths”, but vaccine deaths after vaccination are not?

Isn’t it strange that police are beating up people to protect their health?

Isn’t it strange that the key publication on covid PCR testing made it from submission until publication within one day?

Isn’t it strange that those in power don’t care about the starvation deaths that the economy that has gone to the wall will cause?

See Time Magazine , ‘COVID-19 Linked Hunger Could Cause More Deaths Than The Disease Itself, New Report Finds’ (…) :

Isn’t it strange that dissenters are intimidated and lose their jobs en masse, but pseudoscientists can keep on modelling doomsday scenarios?

Isn’t it strange that we are denied any personal responsibility?

Isn’t it strange that all of this happens in every single country in the world, and those who do not bow are dying by chance?

I totally understand that many people are afraid. So was I when I saw the shocking videos from China. But now we know that all these shown videos were fake, shouldn’t it be time to reconsider the situation?

The Shock Doctrine

My theory is that we deliberately were put in this situation. Those who have read or watched Naomi Klein’s ‘The Shock Doctrine’ know that people are better controllable in a state of fear and agitation.

This gets us to the ‘Biderman’s Chart of Coercion’ report, which identified Chinese and Korean brainwashing techniques used to make captured American servicemen psychological as well as physical prisoners. Comparing them with COVID measures reveals plenty of parallels.

It’s totally human to be scared. It is totally normal that the brain prefers beliefs that are easier to digest – just to protect itself. However, this makes you a prisoner of both those applying the gaslighting methods and yourself.

It is known that constant #fear and #anxiety lead to chronically elevated cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone that does not only lower testosterone levels (low libido, less sex, fewer children – well played, Bill) but also to higher mortality rates.

A recent study published by The Lancet “found that doubling of serum cortisol was associated with a 42% increase in mortality after adjusting for age, comorbidities, and laboratory tests”. #asexpected (…)

Chronic stress caused by governmental and media fearporn also weakens the immune system via several pathways. That raises the question: is the slight excess mortality we observed directly or indirectly associated with the virus? (…) 

Loneliness is another factor that we need to consider. We all know the measures. A recent study shows that emotional loneliness leads to an 18.6% increased risk of all-cause mortality. And politicians still want to isolate the elderly. (…) :

Instead of spreading fear like German fearmonger #1 Karl Lauterbach, what are the measures we could have expected during a pandemic? Spoiler: scaring people that they could kill their parents is not part of it. Shame, Karl!

Common Practices in Pandemics versus Observed Practices in 2020-21

Common Practice: Authorities and doctors inform people as information comes in, taking care to avoid starting a panic.

Observed Practice: Politicians and media present information in ways that highlight the threat and create a climate of fear.

Observed Practice: The entire population is subjected to extreme measures, including >80% who are at low risk.

Common Practice: People judged to be most at risk are identified, and precautions are taken to isolate (if necessary) and protect them.

More NYT Fear Porn:

No, a Negative Coronavirus Test Does Not Mean You Can Safely Socialize

By Claire Cain Miller, Katherine J. Wu and Margot Sanger-Katz (NYT)

November 21, 2020

Observed Practice: For many, cases of severe illness are generally only heard about in the media or at second or third hand.

Common Practice: More and more seriously ill people are found and affect more and more neighbourhoods.

Observed Practice: At the height of the COVID surge, there are reports of underutilized hospitals, #dancing staff, and many empty beds.

Common Practice: Throughout the entire country, emergency rooms and hospital wards are overcrowded. The staff is on overtime.

Observed Practice: Established protocols are often not followed. Counts are unreliable. The term “case” is misused.

Common Practice: Established pandemic protocols are rigorously followed. Accurate statistics and terminology are critical. : Observed Practice: PCR tests misused at high cycles on asymptomatic people generate over 90% false positive “cases”

Common Practice: If tests used on people confirm their symptoms are caused by the pathogen, then they’re called a “case”. ( 

Observed Practice: Renowned scientists are discredited and concerns of front-line doctors are rejected.

Common Practice: Broad communications are essential with doctors, specialists and nurses to create treatment protocols.

Observed Practice: Successful treatments are ignored and doctors are banned from sharing treatment discoveries.

Common Practice: As soon as treatments are shown to be effective, it is immediately communicated throughout the system. ( 

Observed Practice: Right from the start businesses are told to stop operating. The economy is deliberately collapsing.

Common Practice: Politicians and health authorities try to minimize the negative impact on people, businesses and the economy.

Observed Practice: People struggle with a health crisis knowing they are being helped by the government.

Common Practice: People are struggling with the social, psychological and economic upheaval caused by the government.

Observed Practice: Peer-reviewed scientific publications are being censored in social media.

Common Practice: All helpful information is highly welcome. Scientific insights are discussed openly.

As you can see, the observed practices are the opposite of what should have been expected during a pandemic. And yet, governments push for more: vaccine passports, obligatory treatment with experimental drugs, etc. (…) 

I honestly cannot understand how people cannot see that something is wrong. This assumption is underpinned by the following thread. Unlike in 1918, we currently do not see a reduction in life expectancy.

During this ‘pandemic’, we also learned that lockdowns do not work and have an adverse effect. So why does the government maintain all the measures? Why do the media keep on inviting those who spread fear and panic?

Why don’t we implement measures that really help, based on profound knowledge?

Why am I constantly being called a conspiracy theorist because I refer to peer-reviewed studies concerning vitamin D? ( 

Why can scientists such as @c_drosten publicly lie, contradict themselves all the time, and discredit colleagues without fearing any consequences?

I think that part of the answer can be found in the following video.

Speaking the truth eventually gets you in trouble. There are more people out there who are willing to do everything for fame and money than we could possibly imagine. Those people who you usually see on TV are part of that group.

However, what we can do is to talk to the ones we love. We can spread knowledge without ridiculing people that are currently not redpilled. We can share valuable and informative videos that are worth watching.

And most importantly, live a healthy life. Reduce your cortisol levels by reducing your sugar and alcohol intake, supplement with Vitamin D (> 5000 IU + 200µg K2 per day), move at least 30 minutes per day, and get sufficient sleep (>8h per night).

 And those of you who want to acquire comprehensive knowledge on our immune system and metabolic pathways should read this book. It’s extensive (and also expensive) but a true eye-opener. (…)

Btw. today is Hitler’s birthday. So, a big “FUCK YOU, Adolf, you bloody clown” for the fact that your spirit keeps on living in the minds of many people. 😑

Last but not least, thank you for your time to read this long thread and feel free to follow me here or on telegram, which is more or less my backup account as I am not really into instagram, Facebook and Co. Lots of love from me to you! 🧡 (

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