Weekend Music : Anti-Lockdown Protest Songs That the MSM Didn’t Play For You

CULTURE, FREEDOM, Indian Liberty Report / Saturday, March 20th, 2021

With the recent news of Spotify censoring a protest song by singer Ian Brown, we decided to look into some of the anti-lockdown music produced in the last year.

We were pleasantly surprised to find some very good music there. So here you go. As one great Youtube comment put it, “When the music starts to shift, you know your winning”.

Also, try and download this music before the Goolag takes them down for ‘racism’ or ‘disinformation’ or something else. We can’t find many of these songs on Spotify.

Do you know any other good anti-lockdown music that we missed? Please let us know, we want to hear it!

1. Eric Clapton : “Stand and Deliver

Probably our favourite here, with a kick-ass music video too :

The lyrics really rub it :

Do you wanna be a free man Or do you wanna be a slave? Do you wanna wear these chains Until you’re lying in the grave?


Is this a sovereign nation Or just a police state? You better look out, people Before it gets too late

This comment on the video says it all :

“When the 70 year olds are the rebels And the 17 year olds are the enforcers . We are living in upside down bizarro world.”

2. Van Morrison : “Born to Be Free”, “As I Walked Out” , “No More Lockdown”

“Don’t need the government cramping my style Give them an inch, they take a mile. Take you in with a phony smile,wouldn’t you agree.”

“The new normal is not normal, it’s no kind of normal at all. Everyone seems to have amnesia, Just trying to remember the Berlin Wall.”

“Some kind of new old ideology, With new psychology, But it’s not for the benefit, Of you and me.”

“As I walked out all the streets were empty
The government said everyone should stay home
And they spread fear and loathing and no hope for the future
Not many did question this very strange move


Why no checks and balances, why no second opinions?
Why are they working, and why are we not?”

“No more Imperial College Scientists making up crooked facts
No more pulling the wool over our eyes
No more celebrities telling us
Telling us what wе’re supposed to feel”

3. Dragan Kalinović : “2021 Zeitgeist”

Good old hard rock.

“The free and brave are low on demand No more excuses, take the stand!”

They got you locked up Under their key Test if you Manifest the Flu Well they be running Money printing scheme

“Big Pharma with The stamp of the beast Bullish market In the BUST economies No one’s touching, Everyone’s a priest Crucified if you ain’t Wearing mask like thieves”

“Our future looking grim indeed… …Unless we do something about it”

This song can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

4. Anonymous Anthem – “Speak Up 4 Anonymous REMIX (Mannarino & Celente)”

A riff off another good song called “Rebellion” by Dragan Kalinović. this one’s for the economists in the room :

5. Ian Brown : “Little Seed Big Tree”

“A forced vaccine, like a bad dream
They’ll plant a microchip, every woman, child and man
A plan to chip us all, to have complete control
The land, the sky, your soul”

“The scientist and mediatrist
Trying to tell me 2 and 2 is 5
‘scuse me while I mention the strategy of tension, mass mind manipulation
Psychological operation
The general population, hypnotised, right in front of your eyes
Drama and lies”

With an outro by Bill Gates saying :

“I mean we’re taking things that are, you know, genetically modified organisms and were injecting them in little kids arms, we just shoot ’em right into the vein.”

“But you don’t have a choice, people act like you have a choice”

6. Darren Nesbit : “Stick Your New World Order Up Your Arse”

A “spicy” song :

“you can stick your (phony virus) coronavirus up your ass
you can stick your great reset up your ass
you can stick your tv programs up your ass
you can stick your gmo foods

We would love to hear your thoughts on this