What “real socialism” looks like : tales from a Swedish sh*thole

CULTURE / Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Twitter comment by Mencius Moldbugman

In honour of Greta Thunberg’s odyssey across the Atlantic, I would like to present some notes taken from 2015 when I spent some time in Sweden and concluded it was hell on Earth.

(Not claiming to be an expert on Sweden if there are any errors. These were just my observations) Important point: I was in Sweden during the winter. The winters are, obviously, brutal in Sweden with about four hours of sun and freezing temperatures. If I had visited in the summer I may have had slightly more positive feelings about the country.

I doubt it though.

It was not the cold that depressed me

Sweden was cold, dark and depressing. We were getting about 5 hours of daylight from 10am till 3pm, and when I ventured up to the frozen wastes of Lapland I was getting about 3 and a half hours of daylight only. Maybe fun for a winter holiday, but I was there to work.

It was freezing, though I found the slightly warmer temperatures of Stockholm (minus five roughly) harder to handle than the snowy Lapland temperatures of minus 25 simply because the cloud cover and the light reflection from the knee deep snow in Lapland made me feel warmer.

Let’s state this from the beginning though: it was neither the cold not the darkness that depressed me during my stay in Sweden. It was Sweden itself that was the killer.

Making everything equally EXPENSIVE for everyone

First of all, it is ludicrously expensive. I’m not short of a dollar or two but every time I bought something I genuinely felt like I had been gang raped by a squadron of socialist accountants.

Beer: $15 USD a glass
3 stops on the Stockholm metro: $8
McDonalds meal: $10

You get the idea. Just simple acts like getting on the bus had to be weighed mentally on their costs and whether it was worthwhile or not. Sadly, even simple public transport didn’t seem worth it considering how it was full of inhuman horrors from the world’s biggest shitholes.

Unhappy people

The expense of Sweden segues nicely into my next point as I believe the two are related: I have never met a more depressed or miserable people. Again, I issue my caveat that I believe most of my observations may only be true in winter – but by Odin the Swedes are a miserable lot.

Walk around Stockholm and everyone looks like they’re about to kill themselves. Crucially, everyone looks fucking poor. Everybody walks around in the same shabby, slightly-worn utilitarian winter clothes of baggy black, brown and grey.

The general impression I got was that there is a deliberate government policy to make everything so expensive that it impoverishes all and brings everybody into a ghastly egalitarian median.

The grey middle

Ghastly egalitarianism would be the main feature of my trip.

There are no grand displays of wealth and few options to jettison yourself above the likes of even the most prole of basic travelers – even if you’re ready to splash the cash. Sweden is a society that seems to really attempt to pull everybody and everything into a grey middle.

This means that although you don’t see some of the poverty of London / Paris, you also don’t get the nice contrasts either. It’s kind of hard to summarise, but if you went you would see it immediately. I guess nobody can demonstrate their wealth when they are paying $15 for a kebab.

Treating people like sh*t

This ghastly egalitarianism runs deep in their psyches & especially into their woeful customer service. Sweden makes Eastern European customer service look good. Servers seem to think “we’re all the same” so treat you like shit because otherwise would imply you’re better than them.

This cultural attitude is called Jante’s Law and is endemic in Scandinavia. @rooshv once wrote extensively about it. Here’s a link.

Here are some examples of how that plays out.

1. Nearly every request made to someone in customer service is met with “do it yourself”. In my Stockholm hotel this reached ridiculous levels. They messed up our booking and had us in for 3 extra nights than we were actually there. Rather than actually address it themselves, they told us to our face to go onto their website and change the booking ourselves manually.

They refused to do it even though they were sat on the reception desk 2 inches from my face with the booking system open right in front of them. When we asked if we could use their PC to change the booking, they said no and highlighted that wifi cost $4 a day.

2. In the same hotel, I left something in the bar. I went to reception to ask if the cleaner had picked it up or if anybody had handed it in; the receptionist told me “You can go back to the bar and look yourself. Or you can call the cleaner and ask her if she has it!”

3. I know people will question this but it is true. In some hotels in Sweden, the hotel tells you to put the bedsheets over your bed/duvet/pillows yourself each day. They don’t do it for you. Interesting fact: all bedsheets in Sweden are white with zero exception.

4. At check-in at Stockholm Airport, the check-in woman had a rant at me for having the audacity to ask for help checking in – and by “help” I simply mean “doing her job and checking us in”.

She kept saying that I should pay to go online, check in manually, weigh the bags myself, print out the tags and then deposit them at a drop off. Now, she had the ability to check me in, she just didn’t want to do it. She actually said “Why should I do something that you can do?”

Coming from Asia (though I admit it isn’t much different in the rest of Europe) there is absolutely NOTHING to do after 5pm which is when EVERYTHING closes. These lazy socialist opening hours permanate all of Sweden.

The only thing open late are bars: that’s if you don’t mind spending the price of a New York condo on a pint of beer. Even in the fucking airport there is nothing open in the evening. Odin help you if you are flying a red-eye flight.

Oh no you can’t have your own.. laundry !

Ok – that’s the basic stuff about Sweden out of the way. However, this all pales into insignificance when you stay there for an extended period and are eventually forced to deal with the absolute worst and vile feature that embodies everything that is wrong with Sweden…

… I’m talking about washing machines.

That’s right. Washing machines.

It’s not well known outside of Sweden but their washing machine culture epitomises everything wrong with that society. A worthier writer than me – perhaps a Scandinavian Houellebecq – needs to write a drama based around Swedish washing machine practice.

It’s called the Tvättstuga (“Laundry Room”). In Socialist Scandinavia, it is unseemly to have something as bourgeoise as your own personal washing machine. Stated simply, it’s communal laundry facilities in apartment blocks.

Most Swedes live in Soviet style concrete blocks and the individual apartments are not even set up to allow the installation of individual washing machines. Instead, each complex has a designated washing room which has washing machines and drying facilities.

To use the washing machine, you have to sign up for a 1 to 2 hour slot which typically involves a 1/2 week waiting time. So you can only do your washing during these pre-arranged appointments. Obviously competition for the top washing spots at the weekend is fierce.

People often have to take days off work in order to do their washing because they have not been able to do their washing in the evening or at weekends for months – months! – on end. Some people resort to booking slots at 3 am and setting their alarms to wake up on week nights.

You have to PHYSICALLY be in the room to do your wash otherwise the sensor turns everything off. People have huge arguments when others are late for their slot/do too much washing/don’t clean the washing machine afterwards (you’re obliged to clean the machine fully after use).

The constant battle for slots actually dictates peoples lives and schedules. Can you imagine living under such a regime? You’d be considered a dangerous free-thinking maverick if you bought your own machine or attempted hand-washing. You would probably be shot.

With all the – ahem – recent added diversity into Sweden, you can just imagine the fun this creates when you have such a system and one adds some free-thinking immigrants to the usual mix of Swedish NPC clothes-washing automatons.

When I’ve told people about the Stalinist clothes washing machine that exists in Sweden, I’m normally met with disbelief. Let me share the statements of others as accompanying proof:

Moving to Sweden – The Laundry Room

“I jumped out of bed ready to tackle the day. And by tackle the day, I mean do my laundry. I had scheduled a laundry time for 7am. That’s a silly time to do laundry, I know, but I had zero clean pairs of underwear and zero clean pairs of socks. Don’t judge me.”

Murder in the laundry room

“Nothing raises more hackles, shortens more lives and causes more gnashing of teeth in Sweden than a bleak room filled with washing machines.”

“The tvättstuga is naturally a place of conflict.”

Sweden: Laundry rooms may be communal, but they’re not all neighborly

My favourite: an entire website devoted to passive-aggressive angry notes left in Swedish laundry rooms.

“Communal laundry rooms in Sweden stir strong emotions. In Stockholm in 2008, more than 70 cases of laundry-related threats and beatings were recorded.”

Now this one should give cause for real concern: DARU SOCIALISM!

After all that hell involved in washing your clothes, you probably wish to go out, but some alcohol, and have a nice drink to relieve the stress, right?

Easy, right?

No. Fuck you. This is Sweden.

Alcohol in Sweden is purchased at a brutalist dystopian store that seems like it was taken from Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We”. It’s a government monopoly called “System Bolaget” or “The System” for short. A name straight from a Soviet dystopian novel for sure.

Sweden’s nanny state doesn’t think that it’s population can handle the normal sale of alcohol. Presumably because due to the darkness and everything closing at 5pm the Swedes would just spend their evenings drinking themselves to death with lack of anything else to do.

The government strictly regulates the sale of alcohol. All alcohol, with the exception of light beers with an alcohol content of less than 3.5%, can only be sold in one of the state sponsored off licenses delightfully known as The System.

The System is the alcohol store equivalent of America’s DMV. These shops make it as difficult as possible to purchase alcohol – a deliberate government policy (you can look all this up). Opening hours are 11am till 4pm and they don’t even open on a Sunday.

Hence you can only really buy alcohol on a Saturday (unless you take a day off work) and it shows: there were huge lines of people stood outside The System when I went on Saturday like peasants queueing for potato’s during the final days of the USSR.

There are no promotions, no deals, nothing. All alcohol is kept behind glass cases and has a number printed beside it. You then have to remember the number, go to the counter, and tell them for example “I would like a bottle of 1765 and a can of 88427” which they then give you.

(Mis)adventures at the supermarket

Supermarkets and other stores in Sweden are also weirdly socialist and fucked up. You have to do the cashier’s work for them. I first discovered this when I went to an Asian supermarket to buy some noodles for self-catering since I couldn’t even afford a modest Swedish restaurant.

The cashier threw a fit at me for just putting my basket on the check out conveyor belt and shouted at me to take everything out. At first I thought this was just a crazy autist, but it turns out that there is a set protocol to how you are supposed to behave at a Swedish cashier.

You are supposed to take all your items out of the basket and line them up in a neat row on the conveyor belt with the barcodes facing outwards. This is so that the barcodes can scan themselves automatically as they pass the scanner and the cashier doesn’t have to touch the items.

Then they fall into the tray at the end and you pay 5 fucking euros per plastic bag or some ridiculous near-equivalent and bag them up yourself.

I asked why the cashiers won’t touch the items & was told it is to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome in cashiers if they are forced to perform small repetitive movements all day like slightly raising bags of peas to a scanner: so for their safety you have to do the scanning yourself.

Hotel California

Fuck it. I mentioned bedsheets in Sweden already but I need to go back to them. Alongside washing machines it is the thing that most stands out from my stay in Sweden.

I said already that some hotels force you to fit the bedsheets yourself in some Janteloven attempt to bring you down to the cleaner’s level. Well it gets worse. Some places make you rent them rather than being included in the room price.

I asked why I had to do this and was told it was for “female safety”. Also, do you know that fitted bedsheets do not exist in Sweden? Really, they don’t. Instead you just have a “bed-size” sheet which you lay on top of the mattress which inevitably falls off during the night.

I repeat: There are no fitted bedsheets in Sweden!l No non-white bed sheets either which for a country which prides itself on its increasing diversity is astonishing.

Another weird thing is that they don’t give you one big duvet for a double bed but instead give you two single duvets because Swedish couples don’t like to share duvets. This is the only thing that kinda made sense to me given the autism of this country.

In all places I never once had darkness in the hotel room. Each room had an annoying floor light which kept the room aglow and couldn’t be turned off. I enquired about and apparently they are standard & for “my safety”. The TV monitors in 1984 couldn’t be turned off either.

A lot of the nonsensical things I have mentioned above stem from Sweden’s traditionally high-trust homogenous society. However when you add a whole lotta low-trust immigrants from swarthier countries, things really take a turn for the worse.

Toilets and wifi

In keeping with Sweden’s policy of impoverishing its citizens – everywhere in Sweden is laughably mean in regards toilets & wifi. No doubt due to dusky freeloaders. There is no free wifi anywhere except the bloody airport – which you’ll need when you have nothing to do after 8pm.

Restaurants and bars are unbelievably cheap – even though you have paid a small fortune for the pleasure of drinking one of their over-priced coffees, you often have to pay extra to get the wifi password! Same goes for toilets: public toilets do not exist in Scandinavia.

The toilets in malls/stations/etc cost 2 euros a go and restaurants 100% keep toilets locked. If you’re a customer you can ask for the key, but even when you’ve bought a meal they sometimes charge extra to use it. Even in McDonalds you have to pay 1 Euro for a toilet coupon.

Have the Vikings become beta males?

It’s no wonder that such audacity exists in Sweden though when you observe the vast bulk of their menfolk: The once proud Viking stock of Europe, now reduced to betas with less testosterone than Greta Thunberg’s autistic cunt lips.

In Stockholm, 60% of all children and babies I saw were looked after by men. In one cafe on I saw upwards of 20 men all pushing prams or trying to catch up with friends while wearing Eskimo-style papooses. Their eyes yearned for death.

Some of these men were obviously office workers who were still forced to look after their kids while the wife did God knows what, presumably involving a company creche. I rarely saw a woman with a child. It sickened me looking at all these empty simpering men doing womanly duties

There were exceptions. Remember when I said all the people in Sweden looked poor? The exception was young men in their late teens and early twenties who were abnormally pretty and well-groomed at all times. Freakishly so.

Delicately manicured goatee beards, styled hair, moisturised skin, and matching outfits where obvious thought had gone into matching the colours of the shoes, trousers and shirt. They strutted like effeminate catwalk models down the streets of Stockholm.

I can only guess that in Feminist Sweden the roles have been reversed and young men now have to paint themselves and look nice for the dominant females of the reigning clitterati. They reminded me of the “Beautiful Ones” from Calhoun’s famous 1960s mouse utopia experiments.

A feminist anecdote

Don’t get me wrong. There are some good places in Sweden. There are some lovely old towns, islands & mountains if the cold and the expense doesn’t put you off. A special mention needs to be said about the Vasa Museum. An interesting place, but one where I saw a very Swedish scene.

The Vasa Museum is a huge building in Stockholm which houses a 17th century warship – The Vasa – which sank 20 minutes into its maiden voyage and fell beneath the sea. It was later reclaimed and can visit the museum to view the well-preserved remains.

Here we joined a guided tour where a Swedish woman walked us round the ship and related its history. All was good until she went a bit weird and started getting very emotional about the boat’s history. She got a bit teary eyed & started blabbering a feminist rant which went thus:

“One thing I don’t like, is that people say the boat’s sinking was a tragedy. But people forget the real tragedy. People died when the boat sank. Those people were men, but everybody forgets they had wives and mothers and daughters back home…”

”… These were real women who would have suffered from oppression in the 16th century and who were the real victims of the Vasa. That is the real tragedy. Not the men who died, but the women who lived on.”

(Taken verbatim from my notes at the time.)

So according to this deluded feminist cretin: a boat sank, killed loads of men, and the real tragedy was the women sat at home?


I wasn’t surprised when I later saw in the museum a whole section on women’s suffering and the evils of 16th century Europe.

Greta Thunberg is a symbol of the sickness in Sweden

Sweden is a sick country. Ever since I spent time there I studiously avoid any and all types of Swedish influence. Never listen to ABBA. Shun meatballs. Don’t even approach a Volvo.

Most importantly: at all costs keep your distance from IKEA as if your life depended on it.

[Please read original thread for passage on IKEA]

No wonder then that this country has produced Greta Thunberg. Only a nation as sick and cancerous as Sweden could have spawned such a decrepit de-individualised autistic shell who merely spouts the buzzwords of her globalist masters and handlers.

See ‘The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex [ACT I]

Wanna see Hell? Wanna see the endgame of what modernity has in store for you. Visit Sweden. Take your wallet. You’ll need it. For me I’ll never return to this country of Artificial Swedeners. As if to illustrate my point, Sweden’s the only country that has the word “Gatrunka”…

… Loosely translated “Gatrunka” means to cry while masturbating.

It’s probably the only activity left in Sweden that isn’t banned by the government or doesn’t cost a small fortune.

Enjoy the decline.

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