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The Maidan coup or Ukrainian crisis of 2014 was an Obama administration-backed color revolution which began when the democratically elected President of UkraineViktor Yanukovych, was ousted on February 22, 2014 following months of partly violent neo-Nazi protests agitated by the Western alliance against him.[11] As a result sporadic clashes began between antifascist separatists and the forces of the new Ukrainian regime which included anti-Russian neo-Nazi paramilitary organizations in the Donbas region and Crimea. In April 2014 the majority Russian population in Crimea voted in a popular plebiscite for reincorporation to the Russian Federation proper.[12] The Donetsk People’s Republic and the Lugansk People’s Republic declared their independence. Since then, the Kyiv regime has tried to regain control of the majority Russian speaking territories by fighting against the independent republics in the Donbas war.

In February 2015 peace talks were held in MinskBelarus.[13] As of February 2022 big cities like Donetsk, Lugansk,[14] Horlivka, Makiivka or Debaltseve[15] are under control of anti-neo Nazi separatists.

Young western Ukrainians, 2014. Written on the wall: “Ukraine for Ukrainians.”



With the Brexit movement, there was little widespread popular support for the European Union. Yet the United States and NATO peddled the myth of popular support among Ukrainians to join the EU.

  • 2011. Eric Schmidt of Google, and Hillary Clinton adviser Jared Cohen tasked to plan ‘popular movements’ to overthrow the democratically elected President Yanukovych in Ukraine, and the strongman dictator Bashar al-Assad in Syria.[16]
  • 1 March 2013. First “Tech Camp” to train far-right Ukrainian neo-Nazis how to organize online the mass-demonstrations against President Yanukovych held inside the US Embassy in Kyiv.[17]
  • The “TechCamp” project prepares specialists for information warfare and for the discrediting of state institutions [the Government] using modern media — potential revolutionaries for organizing protests and the toppling of the Government. This project was overseen by under the responsibility of the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey R. Pyatt.
  • American instructors explained how social networks and Internet technologies can be used for targeted manipulation of public opinion as well as to activate potential protest to provoke violent unrest on the territory of Ukraine — radicalization of the population, and triggering of infighting. American instructors show examples of successful use of social networks to organize protests in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya.
  • 13-14 November 2013. Last “Tech Camp” conference held inside the US Embassy in Kyiv. A total of five Tech Camps were held throughout Ukraine with about 300 people trained as operatives.
  • August 2014. Ukraine submits an application for observer status to in the Eurasian Economic Union.[18]
  • 23 October 2014. NSA tapped the mobile phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
  • 27 October 2014. Der Spiegel reports Obama personally approved wiretapping German Chancellor Angela Merkel‘s cell phone conversations.[19]
  • October 2014. Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com purchases the Washington Post for less than half of his ongoing contract for cloud service with the CIA.[20] The Institute for Public Accuracy releases a statement condemning the move.[21] Washington Post begins promoting Hillary Clinton as their preferred candidate for President in 2016.[22]

The NATO organization was founded on the solitary premise of collective security to contain Soviet expansion in Europe. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, many questioned the need for it’s continued existence against an enemy that no longer existed. Several former Soviet satellite states (East Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, the Czech and Slovak Republics) as well as newly independent former Soviet Republics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia and Ukraine) wanted EU membership, which of coarse would ultimately mean NATO membership, as well (military alliances exist to protect economic alliances). Russia under Boris Yeltsin wanted EU and NATO membership. The NATO powers that be made clear they had no interest in going out of business, and Russia argued how unfair it was that they should dissolve their defense alliance (the Warsaw Pact) and be thrust into another arms race against a growing NATO, which was swallowing up many of Russia’s former military allies.Leafets with instructions handed out to Soros-backed terrorists in Euromaiden Square, Kiev were identical to those handed out in Tahrir Square, Cairo three years earlier. On the left printed in Arabic, on the right in the Ukrainian language. 117 people were killed by Obama and Soros’ terrorists.

But the case of Ukraine was unique. Ukrainian nationalists wanted out of the Russian orbit. But some the territories of Ukraine are inhabited by a significant majority of ethnic Russians, too, who wanted to maintain close ties to Russia. The official US State Department’s position under President George Herbert Walker Bush at the time was that the Ukraine should remain a sovereign republic within the Russian Federation. Bush argued as much in a speech written by Condoleezza Rice to the Ukrainian parliament. But the Clinton’s took over in early 1993, and caved in to Ukrainian nationalists. In exchange for US recognition of a Ukraine independent of the Russian Federation, Ukraine would give up its nuclear stockpile from the Soviet era, and the US would guarantee Ukraine’s security, should the Russians ever invade. The agreement reeked a lot like the assurances Great Britain and France gave Poland at the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 that bound them to war with Hitler in 1939 when Hitler invaded Poland.Edward Snowden warned of such abuse played out in 2016 and 2017: an Executive branch with unlimited. unrestrained power to spy on investigative Committees of Congress, political opponents, and even the Supreme Court.

Like the Treaty of Versailles, the 1994 Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances negotiated by Bill Clinton lasted exactly 20 years. Unlike Great Britain and France who went to war with Nazi Germany when the agreement was violated, Barack Obama broke the pledge that Clinton had committed the United States to. US/Russian relations have deteriorated ever since. And converting NATO from a purely defensive alliance based on the idea of collective security to a military machine waging aggressive wars – as it had done in Libya – fulfilled many people’s worst nightmare. No longer can negotiation and diplomacy be used to keep the peace, as the Obama administration had thrown American promises on the dunghill. Gaddafi ceased terrorism, gave up his WMD, and became an ally, all predicated on accepting American promises, only to be brutally murdered at the hands of Hillary Rodham Clinton and NATO. Ukraine had given up its Soviet-era nuclear stockpile based on assurances given by Bill Clinton, ignored by Barack Obama. Military force now is the only option remaining to remove nuclear weapons from the hands of Kim Jong-il.

Leafets with instructions handed out to Soros-backed terrorists in Euromaiden Square, Kiev were identical to those handed out in Tahrir Square, Cairo three years earlier. On the left printed in Arabic, on the right in the Ukrainian language. 117 people were killed by Obama and Soros’ terrorists.

Since the Battle of Stalingrad in 1942 it should be clear to anyone,[23] Russia will never allow an aggressive and hostile military force, such as NATO transformed itself into in the Obama era, to ally itself or encamp within the Ukraine.

  • 1 November. Snowden leaks reveal Britain’s GCHQ and other European spy agencies work together to conduct mass surveillance. The files also make clear that GCHQ played a leading role in advising its European counterparts how to work around laws intended to restrict the surveillance power of intelligence agencies. The Guardian article reports,[24]
It is clear from the Snowden documents that GCHQ has become Europe’s intelligence hub in the internet age, and not just because of its success in creating a legally permissive environment for its operations. Britain’s location as the European gateway for many transatlantic cables, and its privileged relationship with the NSA has made GCHQ an essential partner for European agencies. The documents show British officials frequently lobbying the NSA on sharing of data with the Europeans and haggling over its security classification so it can be more widely disseminated. In the intelligence world, far more than it managed in diplomacy, Britain has made itself an indispensable bridge between America and Europe’s spies.
  • 20 November. UK government struck a secret deal with the NSA to share phone, internet, and email records of UK citizens.
  • 21 November. Democratically elected government of the Ukraine rejects European Union association agreement in favor of maintaining relations with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The path to securing a NATO naval base in Sevastopol on the Black Sea is effectively cut off. Soros-sponsored[25] Euromaiden riots erupt.
  • 22 November. NSA strategy document reveals the agency’s goal to acquire data from “anyone, anytime, anywhere” and expand its already broad legal powers.[26]

Euromaidan coup

Protesters at the CIA backed neo-Nazi Euromaidan torchlight march carrying tiki torches and the “Blood and Soil” flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

On 1 January, 2014 a torchlight mob celebrated the 105th birthday of Ukrainian nationalist and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera in the streets of Kyiv[27][28] Protesters carried the fascist black and red “blood and soil” flag of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

On January 28, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt discussed details of planned overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. Nuland maked disparaging remarks about the EU, and thinks the UN will give better cover to make the new US-installed regime appear legitimate.

On February 6, 2014 Nuland met with neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok and other ringleaders who assume power after the coup.[30] Tyahnybok leads the Svoboda party. In 2004 Tyahnybok was kicked out of the ruling parliamentary faction after giving a speech calling for a fight against the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.” In 2005 Tyahnybok signed an open letter to Ukrainian leaders calling for the government to halt the “criminal activities” of “organized Jewry”, which was spreading its influence through organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League which ultimately wanted to commit “genocide” against the Ukrainian people.[31] DCLeaks published Soros emails arranging a meeting between George Soros and Tyahnbok. Soros, an 84 year old self-admitted collaborator with the Nazi deportations of Jews from Budapest to Auschwitz organized by Adolf Eichmann,[32] parlayed his looted property of Holocaust victims’ into a $25 billion personal fortune after World War II.

Various Soros’ international progressive and liberal front organizations (NGOs) organized and funded the Ukrainian coup.[33]

Obama foreign policy shifted at this point forward from the “Russian Reset” of 2008 and the greater “flexibility” Obama promised President Medvedev in 2012, to rabid Russophobia, one factor being Vladimir Putin’s lack of support for the homosexual agenda and gay marriage. The anti-Russian grip of Soros on American foreign policy reaches a fever pitch in in coming years in efforts to destroy President Donald Trump who sought to mend relations with Russia after the Ukrainian coup crisis.

… “The effort, known as Digital Miadan, gained momentum following the initial Twitter storms. Leading the effort were: Lara Chelak, Andrea Chalupa, Alexandra Chalupa, Constatin Kostenko and others.” The Digital Maidan was also how they raised money for the coup. This was how the Ukrainian emigres bought the bullets that were used on Euromaidan. Ukraine’s chubby nazi, Dima Yarosh stated openly he was taking money from the Ukrainian emigres during Euromaidan and Pravy Sektor still fundraises openly in North America. The “Sniper Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine by Dr. Ivan Katchanovski, University of Ottowa shows clearly detailed evidence how the massacre happened. It has Pravy Sektor confessions that show who created the “heavenly hundred. Their admitted involvement as leaders of Digital Maidan by both Chalupas is a clear violation of the Neutrality Act and has up to a 25 year prison sentence attached to it because it ended in a coup.

Between 18–20 February the Ukrainian coup begins in which almost 100 Soros-backed activists and 17 police officers were killed.[34] As in Syria and other “Arab Spring” uprisings, agent provacateurs begin shooting and killing people on both sides to provoke a civil insurrection. the George Friedman, chairman of Stratfor, called the Ukrainian coup “the most blatant coup in history.”[35][36]

“Heavenly hundred”

On February 20, 2014 a sniper firing from a building controlled by the Pravy Sektor shot and killed both police and protesters. The organized mass killing of both protesters and the police had the goal of delegitimizing the Yanukovych government and its forces and seizing power in Ukraine. Oligarchic and Ukrainian nationalist elements were involved in this massacre. The official investigation by the coup regime was fabricated and stonewalled.[37]

A female Maidan medic during the massacre was pointing to the top of a building and shouting about snipers. But her words were translated in a BBC report as referring to six protesters killed by the snipers in that area. A Maidan protester and another Maidan medic, who were wounded near the same spot where two protesters were killed, both testified at the Maidan massacre trial that they were shot from this building. Government ballistic experts confirmed this during on-site investigative experiments.

These revelations were not reported by any Western media. This includes The New York Time, which on April 5, 2014, profiled this wounded protester against the backdrop of an unquestioned report by the acting Kiev regime that blaming “former President Viktor F. Yanukovych, his riot police and their suspected Russian assistants for the violence that killed more than 100 people in Kiev in February.” It also includes CNN, which filmed the shooting of this medic and attributed it to the government forces.

The Maidan regime investigation simply denies that there were any snipers there and in other Maidan-controlled buildings, and refuses to investigate them. This is done despite videos of such snipers and testimonies of the absolute majority of wounded protesters at the trial and investigation and more than 150 other witnesses about snipers in these locations.

The official investigation in Ukraine simply denies that there were any such snipers in Maidan-controlled buildings, even though the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine previously stated that snipers massacred many protesters from the Hotel Ukraina and other buildings. [38]Burnt victims of what the Western media and diplomats call the “Revolution of Dignity.”[39]

Testimonies by five Georgian ex-military members in Italian, Israeli, Macedonian and Russian media and their published depositions to defense lawyers of police from the former regime in the Maidan massacre trial have also been ignored. They stated that their groups received weapons, payments, and orders to massacre both police and protesters from specific Maidan and Georgian politicians. They also said that they received instructions from an ex-U.S. Army sniper and then saw Georgian, Baltic States, and Praqvy Sektor-linked snipers shooting from specific Maidan-controlled buildings.

Western media silence also ignored a statement by Anatolii Hrytsenko, who was a Maidan politician and minister of defense, that the investigation of the massacre was stonewalled because of the involvement of someone from the current leadership of Ukraine in the mass killing.[40]

Burnt victims of what the Western media and diplomats call the “Revolution of Dignity.”[40]

Odessa Trade Unions House massacre

On April 16, 3014 Forbes reported Obama CIA Dir. John Brennan‘s visited the new undemocratically elected Obama administration-backed regime in Kyiv.[41] Two weeks later on May 2, 2014 Ukrainian nationalists murdered at least 42 Russians, most burnt alive in the Odessa Trades Union Building.[42]

According to eyewitnesses the Maidan fascists outnumbered the anti-Kyiv protesters 10 to 1. First the Maidan activists burnt down the tents of anti-Kiev regime protesters outside the building. The anti-Kiev protesters retreated into the building and tried to blockade the door. A group of Maidan girls filled up Molotov cocktails.[43] The Maidan protesters began throwing Molotov cocktails. Soon the building was engulfed in flames. A Maidan activist was shooting at people trying to escape from the windows.[44] The Maidan fascist crowd began cheering as they set the building ablaze and beat those who tried to escape. A fire station less than a kilometer away couldn’t respond. The Maidan activists blocked the lone fire truck and wouldn’t let the firefighters operate.

Some eyewitnesses claim the real number is over a hundred. The bodies were removed and buried in secret. Survivors of the fire inside the building were executed with bullets to the head. Some were beaten to death with clubs when they jumped from windows of the burning building. A pregnant woman was strangled.[45] The Western-backed Kyiv regime covered up the atrocities, most victims being ethnic Russian citizens of Ukraine.

Vladimir Suchan reported on Facebook:[46]

“After massive 1 May antifascist demonstration, the Right Sector and the Ukrainian National Socialist Organization and not just “soccer fans”) converged on the city. There are numerous videos showing the Odessa junta police and the fascist paramilitaries consulting with each other and the authorities in Kiev their joint actions.On several videos, the police and the fascist mob can be seen as working closely together–militants shooting from behind the police, the police letting them pass, etc. In the morning hours, the fascist “pro-unity” marches congregated in several central streets of Odessa, thus drawing there antifascist protesters.It is evident that this early phase was well planned as a diversionary tactic for the main target was the Kulikovo field with the Labor Union building which was the center of nearly all antifascist manifestations in Odessa. It is also there where antifascist patriots set up their makeshift tent city. The junta felt that this needed to be cleared and that, at the same time, the protesters must be taught a harsh lesson which would break the spirit of this “hero city,” a title Odessa gained with several other select cities in the Great Patriotic War.The diversion worked, and many of the young antifascist activists remained in downtown. In well synchronized and organized columns, the fascist paramilitaries then quickly regrouped and moved against their principal target–the antifascist tent city on the Kulikovo field accompanied by units of the Odessa police. Because of the successful diversion, most of the people on the Kulikovo field were middle-age and older people with many women among them. As soon as they arrived there, the militants not only started burning and destroying the tents, but they also started killing the people. They did in such a way that, for most people, the only exit left was into the Labor Union building. That was a trap. Once they got the people inside, the fascists started throwing Molotov cocktails and shooting. However, as can be seen on the photos and videos, the fire was mainly at the main entrance and in few several rooms elsewhere. Only a smaller number of victims showed signs of being completely burned. Many of the victims died of suffocation or strangling or their upper bodies or faces were burned. Many of the victims were shot into the heads. Many were beaten to death.This means that most of the victims were hunted and killed one by one inside the building. This killing spree given the size of the building apparently lasted over several hours and as going on even when the much delayed and very feeble response of the fire department was detected.All this time, the Odessa police stood by and some of the police with ties to the Right Sector reportedly assisted the fascists by shooting into the people who were climbing on the windows. After several hours, the police then acted and detained … guess who … some 60-80 antifascist survivors who then, without food or water, were kept for many hours in the police department, and charged with multiple crimes, including murder.The one main thing, which the police was interested most, was trying to find at least one “Russian” in the group. Alas, this did not succeed. All the victims and now detainees were Odessites (unlike may of the fascist militants). An angry crowd later that day forced their release …. which profoundly upset the Right Sector murderers. An Odessite grandmother was memorably recorded “beating” with lilacs (who used to symbolize Victory Day–lilacs blossom in May) Odessa policemen who were blocking on Saturday the Labor Union building with the corpses (most likely well over 100) still there.Only when it was dark, the Right Sector crawled back and came back to the scene of their crime singing and shouting “glory” to themselves. Evidently, the corpses were removed soon after–during the night for today, as various videos show, people started to roam the devastated building still shocked, distraught, and upset. As expected and true to its character, the junta first blamed the victims. They allegedly caused the fire themselves and burned themselves by throwing Molotov cocktails on the peaceful pro-junta protesters. A later modified line, repeated by Western media, was that what happened was a “tragedy,” but one without a perpetrator. The one problem identified was some sort of further unspecified failing on the part of the local police. The head of the police was replaced …. with an even more over Right Sector hand.Following a cue from Catherine Ashton, Yatsenyuk, the junta’s PM, then issued a call (to an unspecified addressee) for an “independent investigation.” The same assembly of fascist murderous thugs was planning to hit in a similar way Kharkov. The massive outrage and mobilization appears to have stopped this or at least delayed for now.[47]

The Kiev regime took over the investigation and reported 46 dead in the building. However, Voice of Russia reported, “The interim Ukrainian authorities are hiding from the public the true death toll in Friday’s tragedy in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, which actually claimed 116 lives, a member of the Odessa regional council told RIA Novosti Monday. “According to our data, there were 116 people killed in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa. Killed, not just “dead”. “We don’t use the word “burned” or “suffocated”, because autopsies are not being performed, since the people have bullet wounds to the head,” Vadim Savenko said.[48]

Luc Michel cites Oleg Tsarev: “We believe that in the House of Unions there are more than 100 corpses. The police let nobody in so that the corpses are not counted. We know exactly there are there minor children. We are sure that those in power will do everything possible to conceal the traces of this horrible crime. We want to conduct an investigation and prosecute those responsible for this crime, he told RIA Novosti.”[49]

On July 31, 2014 Democratic Sen. Mark Udall called for CIA Director Brennan’s resignation.[50]

On September 18, 2015 the United Nation’s Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights condemned the cover-up of the mass murder of 48 Ukrainians at the Odessa Trade Unions Building.[51]

Hunter Biden and Burisma

Biden family text with Hunter telling his daughter Naomi that “Pop” received 50% of the Burisma kickbacks.[55]

Burisma Board Director Hunter Biden, appointed April 14, 2014.[52]

The ouster of President Yanukovych put the founder and president of Burisma oil and gas, Mykola Zlochevsky, in a delicate spot. Zlochevsky had served as the environment minister under Yanukovych, handing out gas licenses to cronies. Having watched the president flee Ukraine for his life, currying favor with the Obama administration was paramount for Zlochevsky.

He was also desperate to get out of legal trouble. At the time, a corruption investigation in the U.K. had resulted in the freezing of $23 million of Zlochevsky’s assets. Then, in August 2014, the oligarch was forced to follow Yanukovych into exile after being accused of illegally enriching himself.

The need to refurbish Burisma’s tattered image, as well as his own, prompted Zlochevsky to resort to forking over large sums of money to win friends in Washington, D.C.Hunter Biden and the Atlantic Council were soon to become two of his best friends. Hunter Biden also held a position at the National Democratic Institute, a U.S.-funded “democracy promotion” organization that was heavily involved in pushing regime change in Ukraine. Burisma handed him a position on its board despite his lack of experience in the energy industry and in Ukrainian affairs. Hunter Biden was paid $166,000 per month. The money was split in half with the nephew of Whitey Bulger, with half of Hunter’s share going to his father, Vice President Joe Biden. Hunter Biden enlisted the D.C. law firm, Boies, Schiller, and Flexner, where he served as co-counsel, to help “improve [Burisma’s] corporate governance.” By the following January 2015, Zlochevsky’s assets were unfrozen by the U.K.[53]Biden family text with Hunter telling his daughter Naomi that “Pop” received 50% of the Burisma kickbacks.[54]

During a May 13, 2014, press conference, Matt Lee of the Associated Press grilled State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki about Hunter Biden’s role on Burisma’s board.

Lee: “Does this building diplomatically have any concerns about potential perceptions of conflict or cronyism – which is what you’ve often accused the Russians of doing?”
Paski: “No, he’s a private citizen.”[55]

In a December 2015 op-ed, the editorial board of The New York Times took both Bidens to task for the unseemly business arrangement:

“It should be plain to Hunter Biden that any connection with a Ukrainian oligarch damages his father’s efforts to help Ukraine. This is not a board he should be sitting on.”[56]

For a news organization that had firmly supported the installation of a U.S.-aligned government in Kiev, this was a striking statement. Hunter Biden maintained that he had only a brief conversation with his father about his work at Burisma. Hunter recalled to The New Yorker:

“Dad said, ‘I hope you know what you are doing,’ and I said, ‘I do.’[57]

Despite his constant focus on Ukraine, Joe Biden claimed in September 2019 that he never spoke to his son about his business dealings in the country.[58] This of course, was contradicted by a text message Hunter sent to his daughter Naomi, saying “Pop” takes half of his salary.[59]

Alexandra Chalupa and the DNC

Ben Rhodes is the Assistant to the President for Strategic Communications and Speechwriting, and Deputy National Security Advisor to Susan Rice. Rhodes is also the brother of David Rhodes, President of CBS News.

Alexandra Chalupa is a Ukrainian-American operative who was consulting for the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The DNC paid Chalupa $412,000 from 2004 to June 2016, according to Federal Election Commission records. In 2014, the U.S. United With Ukraine Coalition was founded by Alexandra Chalupa. According to the Ukrainian Weekly,[60]

… “The effort, known as Digital Miadan, gained momentum following the initial Twitter storms. Leading the effort were: Lara Chelak, Andrea Chalupa, Alexandra Chalupa, Constatin Kostenko and others.” The Digital Maidan was also how they raised money for the coup. This was how the Ukrainian emigres bought the bullets that were used on Euromaidan. Ukraine’s chubby nazi, Dima Yarosh stated openly he was taking money from the Ukrainian emigres during Euromaidan and Pravy Sektor still fundraises openly in North America. The “Sniper Massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine by Dr. Ivan Katchanovski, University of Ottowa shows clearly detailed evidence how the massacre happened. It has Pravy Sektor confessions that show who created the “heavenly hundred. Their admitted involvement as leaders of Digital Maidan by both Chalupas is a clear violation of the Neutrality Act and has up to a 25 year prison sentence attached to it because it ended in a coup.

Andrea Chalupa-2014, in a Huff Post article Sept. 1 2016, Andrea Chalupa described Sviatoslav Yurash as one of Ukraine’s important “dreamers.” He is a young activist that founded Euromaidan Press. Beyond the gushing glow what she doesn’t say is who he actually is. Sviatoslav Yurash was Dmitri Yarosh’s spokesman just after Maidan. He is a hardcore Ukrainian nationalist and was rewarded with the Deputy Director position for the UWC (Ukrainian World Congress) in Kiev . In January, 2014 when he showed up at the Maidan protests he was 17 years old. He became the foreign language media representative for Vitali Klitschko, Arseni Yatsenyuk, and Oleh Tyahnybok. All press enquiries went through Yurash. To meet Dimitri Yurash you had to go through Sviatoslav Yurash as a Macleans reporter found out.

At 18 years old, Sviatoslav Yurash became the spokesman for Ministry of Defense of Ukraine under Andrei Paruby. He was Dimitri Yarosh’s spokesman and can be seen either behind Yarosh on videos at press conferences or speaking ahead of him to reporters. From January 2014 onward, to speak to Dimitri Yarosh, you set up an appointment with Yurash.

Andrea Chalupa has worked with Yurash’s Euromaidan Press which is associated with Informnapalm.org and supplies the state level hackers for Ukraine.[61]

Biden in Kyiv

Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations: “‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money’…Well, [SOB], he got fired.”[64]

Vice President Joe Biden oversaw the disbursement of $1 billion allocated by the U.S. to the new government of Ukraine. In 2014, Biden’s son Hunter Biden, was appointed to the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, the largest oil and gas company in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was hired by Mykola Zlochevsky, who served as Ukraine’s ecology minister in the previous administration.

Zlochevsky came under investigation by the new administration for alleged embezzlement of $5 billion while ecology minister. The prosecutor traced payments made to Hunter Biden. Vice President Biden threatened the new Ukrainian administration to withhold $1 billion in U.S. allocated funds unless the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden was fired.[62]

Biden bragged about having caused the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor to a CFR conference.Biden at the Council on Foreign Relations: “‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money’…Well, [SOB], he got fired.”[63]

U.S. banking records show Hunter Biden’s firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, received regular transfers — usually more than $166,000 a month — from Burisma from spring 2014 through fall 2015, during a period when Joe Biden was the main U.S. official dealing with Ukraine. Biden threatened Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko that the Obama administration would pull $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees, sending Ukraine toward insolvency, if it didn’t immediately fire Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin who was investigating his son, Hunter. Biden recounted,

“‘You’re not getting the billion’. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: ‘I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money’…Well, [SOB], he got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.”[64][65]

Yuriy Lutsenko, who replaced Shokin as the prosecutor looking into Burisma, said the evidence in the Burisma case he’d like to present to William Barr, particularly the vice president’s intervention.

Between April 2014 and October 2015, more than $3 million was paid out by Burisma to an account linked to Biden’s and Devon Archer’s Rosemont Seneca firm, according to the financial records placed in a federal court file in Manhattan in another case against Archer. The bank records show that, on most months when Burisma money flowed, two wire transfers of $83,333.33 each were sent to the Rosemont Seneca–connected account on the same day. The same Rosemont Seneca–linked account typically then paid Hunter Biden one or more payments ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 each. Ukrainian prosecutors reviewed internal company documents and wanted to interview Hunter Biden and Archer about why they had received such payments, but couldn’t because of Joe Biden’s intervention.

On September 4, 2019, former Prosecutor General Victor Shokin made a sworn affidavit outlining Joe Biden’s shakedown.[66]

Crimean Annexation

On February 27, 2014 Russian soldiers landed in Crimea.[67] Because some of the people currently living in Crimea are ethinic Russians, there was a dispute whether Crimea belongs to Ukraine or to Russia.[68] On March 11, 2014, Crimea declared its independence from Ukraine.[69] The Crimean Peninsula—82% of whose households speak Russian, and only 2% mainly Ukrainian—held a plebiscite on March 16, 2014 on whether or not they should join Russia, or remain under the new Ukrainian government. The Pro-Russia camp won with 95% of the vote. The UN General Assembly, led by the US, voted to ignore the referendum results on the grounds that it was contrary to Ukraine’s constitution. This same constitution had been set aside to oust President Yanukovych a month earlier.[70]

In response to the annexation, Sen. John McCain introduced the Magnitsky Act granting the president power to impose sanctions against persons anywhere in the world at his discretion. On March 6, 2015 the German government expressed concern over Washington warhawks aggressive stance toward resolving crisis in Ukraine, and accused Obama’s NATO commander of using false data to inflate and exaggerate size of “Russian threat”.[71]

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